Speaking Tours

There are several speaking tours lined up in several cities across the U.S. this Fall! Attending a speaking event/performance in the lead-up to this year’s Encuentro is a great way to educate and activate community members in your area. Check out the list of speakers below, and please be sure to contact us if you are interested in hosting a speaker in your community! 

Gaspar Sánchez, COPINH
Since 2014, Gaspar has served on COPINH’s leadership team as the Sexual Diversity & Rights Equality Coordinator. COPINH (Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras) is the first Indigenous organization in Latin America to establish LGBTQ issues as a pillar of its work. Gaspar is a popular educator who works to shape the next generation of young Indigenous leadership, and serves as a spiritual guide for the Lenca people in their collective efforts to recuperate historical memory through the processes of life, land defense, and ancestral practices. Gaspar has represented COPINH all over the world, from Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, and Brazil, to the United States and the United Nations. He will be on tour throughout the US this Fall:

October 20th – 27th: Chicago and surrounding area
October 28th – 30th: Milwaukee, WI
October 31st: Madison, WI
November 1st: Minneapolis, MN
November 5th: Cleveland, OH
Member 7th: Providence, RI
November 8th: Boston, MA


Olmeca is a bilingual hip-hop artist/producer who describes his upbringing and gives social commentary with charisma and intelligence. With migrant parents, Olmeca grew up in L.A. and Mexico, a reality that brewed his music mix of genres and cultural sensitivity. Olmeca graduated from CSULA with a degree in Philosophy (Ethics and Politics). He has worked with migrants, indigenous communities and urban youth. As an organizer and artist Olmeca has supported the work of SOAW for several years, as well as other organizations and collectives, such as the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and Puente.

September 23, Chicago club event – Illinois
September 25, Northern Michigan University – Michigan
September 28, Notre Dame – Indiana
October 4 – 5, Butler University – Indianapolis, Indiana
October 19-21, Sacramento Rivers College – California
November 1-3, Clark College – Washington

SOA Watch – The Many Borders of the United States & Expansion of US Border Militarism tour

During this Fall tour, SOA Watch organizers seek to engage the public and have conversations around making connections between border militarization, migration and US intervention in Latin America. Specifically, they will focus on the expansion of US Border Imperialism, its’ impact on local communities, and its relation with the ongoing violence that forces people to flee their homes. SOA Watch will engage in conversations around the importance of making these connections and seeing what is happening as a call to active solidarity, and invite everyone to join us at this year’s SOA Watch Encuentro in Tucson/Nogales. 

September 11-15, Los Angeles
September 18-22, Bay Area