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Today marks the 9th anniversary of the June 28, 2009 US-backed and SOA graduate-led coup in Honduras. We continue to stand in outrage and solidarity with everyone that has suffered, has been tortured, murdered, and incarcerated in the aftermath of this intervention. We acknowledge the current turmoil in Honduras: five political prisoners are still held captive in US-modeled prisons, the children currently kidnapped from their parents in US detention centers, those murdered and disappeared, and the people of Honduras that continue to resist the current Juan Orlando Hernandez dictatorship. Today we uplift the struggle and resistance of the communities, activists, human rights defenders, and everyone fighting for dignity, truth and justice.
Today we join the Honduras Solidarity Network and others to uplift the people of Honduras’ demand to end US military and security funding to the murderous coup regime. We demand the liberation of all political prisoners in Honduras. We also call on the United States to put an end to the criminalization, imprisonment, deportation and killing of migrants and refugees. We continue to demand justice for Berta Cáceres and the hundreds of people assassinated or forcibly displaced as a consequence of the post-coup regime and the US military, economic and political intervention in Honduras.



You can demand an end to US support to Juan Orlando Hernandez’s regime and reject the electoral fraud by writing a tweet and sharing information on social media. Please include one or two of the following hashtags: #USOutOfHonduras / #HondurasResiste / #FueraJOH4.

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Posted by SOA Watch on Friday, January 26, 2018