Take Action!

TAKE ACTION! Stand in solidarity with the people of Honduras  to call for an end to US financing of the illegitimate regime in Honduras!  Join a protest, organize an event, visit your congressperson, or speak out on social media 

January 20, 2018

This morning marks the start of a week-long National Strike in Honduras in protest of the January 27th swearing in of Juan Orlando Hernandez for a second presidential term despite fraudulent elections. In the weeks leading up to this National Strike, there has been a marked increase in targeted repression of protest leaders, human rights defenders, and journalists. SOA Watch condemns the ongoing brutal counterinsurgency tactics carried out by the US-trained and financed state security forces aimed at creating terror in an attempt to break the legitimate opposition of the Honduran people to the imposition of a US-backed dictator.

It is in this context that hundreds of thousands of Hondurans are taking to the streets all across the country today in direct action to refuse to recognize the imposition of Juan Orlando Hernandez. If not for the US support and recognition of Hernandez, it is doubtful that his regime would be able to survive the massive popular outcry. Both through support of the regime and training and financing of the security forces, the US is directly responsible for the bloodbath taking place in Honduras.
1. Speak out on social media! Amplify the resistance in Honduras by sharing updates on social media using #ParoNacional and #HondurasResiste

2. Call the US Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for your Senators and Representative. (You can find your Representative here and Senators here)

Sample script: I am calling to ask you to do everything you can to cut US financing of the brutal Honduran regime, which is murdering pro-democracy protesters and targeting journalists and human rights leaders. Over 30 people have been murdered, many of whom were killed when the Military Police fired live bullets at protesters, and hundreds of others have been injured or tortured, including with electric shocks.  According to Honduran human rights organizations, over one thousand people have been detained and many are facing criminal charges aimed at silencing dissent. Others have been victims of torture or had to flee for their lives. Security forces have entered neighborhoods, setting off teargas inside homes with children present, and seizing adults for arbitrary arrests. Prominent human rights and social movement leaders have been targeted with threats and defamation. Even the OAS recognized electoral fraud in the recent elections, but the US State Department is supporting Juan Orlando Hernandez’s violent attempt to hold onto power for a constitutionally-prohibited second term.  I ask you to speak out against the brutal state repression of pro-democracy protesters in Honduras and do everything you can to suspend US aid to the Honduran regime.
(If your Representative has not yet sponsored HR 1299, the Berta Caceres Human Rights in Honduras Act, which would suspend US security aid, please ask him/her to do so.  You can see a find a list of representatives who have sponsored here.)
3. Join a protest, or organize an event in your community! Even if you can’t join a protest, you can organize a teach-in, host a gathering to collectively learn about the situation in Honduras, or host a call-in day to contact your Senators and Representative. For more ideas about how to get involved, contact Brigitte at brigitte@soaw.org or María Luisa at marialuisa@soaw.org.
Below is a list of actions planned in cities across the US:
Saturday January 27
Teach-In on Honduras, 10:30am – 12:00 pm at Grace Place (637 South Dearborn)
Protest Action in Downtown Chicago, 12:00- 2:00pm
Tuesday, January 23, at Hoversten Chapel Augsburg College

Sponsored by Witness for Peace
New York City
Sunday, January 21 

Protest Rally – Unidos al Paro Nacional en Honduras, 3:00pm at Union Square
Sponsored by D19 NY/NJ

San Francisco / Bay Area
Saturday, January 27
Rally at 24th Street and Mission, 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Sponsored by numerous organizations including Hondurans Against the Dictatorship