As the dates for the Border Encuentro are quickly approaching, we are seeing so many amazing components for the weekend coming together, which is exciting! It’s always important for us to remember that this weekend full of remembering, honoring, resisting, educating and high energy doesn’t happen through the work of the handful of staff in the office – this all happens because there is an amazing out-pour of support from the very movement – yes! that means you, too! – that has kept the momentum going and growing since 1990! Volunteering at the Encuentro throughout the weekend is an excellent way to get involved and meet other supporters from around the Hemisphere.

Would you be interested in volunteering a few hours of your time at some point throughout the weekend on Friday, Saturday or Sunday?

Most of the shifts are divided up in 2-hour time slots, so you can still partake in the workshops, concerts, the Sunday Vigil as well as meeting with other folks, etc.

Those 2 hours you sign up for will go a long way, and we very much appreciate your time and support!

Some of the specific volunteer tasks throughout the weekend include:
  • Volunteering at the Registration table at Hotel Americana
  • Volunteering at the SOAW resource table at the Hotel Americana
  • Unloading / packing up equipment
  • Donation collections during the Friday and Saturday night concerts
  • Selling CD’s during the concerts
  • Collecting donations
If you are interested in volunteering, please send a message to Kat at kat@soaw.org or 202-234-3440.