Weekend Schedule of Events

Friday, November 10
7:00am    Encuentro Registration – YWCA, 525 N Bonita Ave.
8:00am    Welcome & Know Your Rights – YWCA, 525 N Bonita Ave.
9:20am    Forums & Workshops – YWCA, 525 N Bonita Ave.
1:30pm    Rally at Federal Courthouse – 405 W Congress St. 
3:45pm    Caravan to Eloy Detention Center – 405 W Congress St. 
5:00pm    Vigil at Eloy Detention Center – 1705 E Hanna Road
8:00pm    Concert in Tucson at Solar Culture31 E Toole Ave.

Saturday, November 11
7:00am    Encuentro Registration – Hotel Americana , 639 N Grand Ave (Arizona) / Escuela Primaria Abelardo L. Rodríguez, Fenochio 23 (Sonora)
8:00am    Gathering in ambos Nogales & Know Your Rights – 639 N Grand Ave (Arizona) / Plaza Miguel Hidalgo (Sonora)
9:00am    Bi-national Veteran-led March to the U.S./Mexico Border Wall
10:00am  Rally at the U.S./Mexico Border Wall
12:30pm  Forums & Workshops
5:30pm    Social Gathering at Hotel Americana – Hotel Americana , 639 N Grand Ave (Arizona)
8:00pm    Concert at the U.S./Mexico Border Wall

Sunday, November 12*
9:30am     Welcome & Blessing
10:00am   Speakers & Musicians
11:10am   Litany & Presentes
12:40pm   Puppetistas!
1:40pm     Closing

* Entire program on Sunday will be at the U.S./Mexico Border Wall