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 Subject :Dompet Dhuafa Utus Team Humanity for Rohingya.. 22-09-2017 15:41:42 
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Dompet Dhuafa incorporated in Indonesia Humanitarian Alliance (IHA) flew to Dhaka Bangladesh in the framework of humanitarian task for Rohingya, Sunday (17/9/2017) morning. IHA is an alliance program created by a group of non-profit organizations in Indonesia incorporated in the Indonesian Humanitarian Alliance for Myanmar (AKIM).

Since 2012, Dompet Dhuafa continues to roll out periodic aid for Rohingyas. Starting from emergency response to the needs of people in evacuation such as dropping logistics and health needs continue to roll, struggling through the thick walls of access available.

The team that departed today is Benny (Dompet Dhuafa Program Division) with Salman Alfarisi (Corporate Secretary of Dompet Dhuafa). Amanah from the donors in Indonesia immediately return us directly at the refugee point Cox Bazar District of Bangladesh.

Information gathered, at least 400 thousand Rohingya refugees already in the location.
With a 271 km long border with Myanmar, Bangladesh has experienced the influx of refugees from Myanmar for nearly 40 years. Dompet Dhuafa plunged with #saverohingya message from various layers of Indonesian society.

On behalf of humanity, Dompet Dhuafa also tv online indosiar invites all the people of Indonesia to joint the movement stretched goodness for our brother Muslim Rohingya. If interested please contact via SMS / WA to Dompet Dhuafa team contact: 0853 7321 1111.
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 Subject :Re:Dompet Dhuafa Utus Team Humanity for Rohingya.. 03-10-2017 10:33:51 
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