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 Subject :pages Taison Brazil Jersey.. 06-10-2017 22:44:44 
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In observing many pool and billiard games Jamal Murray Jersey , I am convinced that certain skilled players influence the direction and fall of the balls by mind control, although they may be in complete ignorance of the power they are using. If it can work on a golf ball, it certainly can work on a billiard ball.

The naturalist Roy Chapman Andrews told the story of a man from San Antonio, Texas, who with a .22 caliber rifle fired more than 14 Gary Harris Jersey ,500 shots at small blocks of wood tossed into the air without a single miss. Mr. Andrews emphasized his perfect timing and remarkable accuracy. Nothing was said of the mind-pictures; but if you have ever done any prolonged trap or target shooting, you know the part visualizing plays.

One finds the same sort of "magic" at work in all fields of sports. Great baseball batters, expert forward-passers in football, accurate drop-kickers---all consciously or unconsciously picture connecting with the ball and placing it where they want it to go. Certainly, practice and timing all have their primary importance Emmanuel Mudiay Jersey , but the mental side must never be overlooked.

In this connection, I was impressed by several statements made by Dr. Marcus Bach in one of his first books, They Have Found a Faith. Dr. Bach tells of bowling with Father Divine, and of observing---from the way Father Divine selected a ball, and from his stance and delivery---that he was no bowler.

Yet Father Divine made a strike on his first try and it was one of the prettiest strikes Dr. Bach ever saw. "Father's nonchalance was characteristic. He rubbed the soft palms of his hands together as if to say Dikembe Mutombo Jersey , 'Well, what do you expect when the Lord rolls one!'"

Dr. Bach also wrote of an interview with Rickert Fillmore, manager of Unity City and son of one of the founders of the Unity movement. Dr. Bach asked if the works of Unity could be applied to a real estate venture. Mr. Fillmore replied, "If it works at all, it works everywhere."

Many readers of this book may not be golfers or billiard players Danilo Gallinari Jersey , but a simple experiment will demonstrate to you this strange power of attraction through visualizing---or making the mental picture actually work. Find a few small stones or pebbles which you can easily throw and locate a tree or post between 6 and 10 inches in diameter.

Stand away from it twenty-five or thirty feet and start throwing the pebbles in an attempt to hit it. If you have average aim, most of the stones will go wide of their mark. Now stop and tell yourself that you can hit the objective.

Get a mental picture of the tree figuratively stepping forward to meet the stone or of the pebble actually colliding with the tree in the spot where you want it to strike, and you'll soon find yourself making a perfect score. Don't say it's impossible. Try it, and you'll prove it can be done---if only you will believe it.

In the early days of wartime gasoline rationing, most people didn't consider getting additional coupons a criminal offense. A friend found he didn't have enough gas to take him to his duck lake.

One Sunday he told me how he had secured enough coupons to make several trips to the shooting grounds. "I had just about given up the idea of duck shooting this fall when the thought occurred to me that I could put this Mind Stuff to work and get some more gas. Of course Carmelo Anthony Jersey , everyone around the office knew that I wanted to go duck shooting and most of them knew of my problem.

"Whether they passed out word to their friends I do not know, but I got more coupons than you could shake a stick at. I had a constant picture of going hunting and using my automobile and of someone giving me gasoline coupons. It may be hooey, but I got the coupons. Even a farmer friend gave me gas out of his allotment."

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