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 Subject :Defending champion Bayern Munich.. 18-01-2015 21:48:21 
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HOUSTON -- Matt Schaub has managed to keep his starting job, and the beleaguered Houston quarterback vowed to turn things around this week. Derrick Coleman Seahawks Jersey . "I need to be better," he said, "and Ill be the first to admit that." Houston coach Gary Kubiak said Wednesday that Schaub would start on Sunday against St. Louis, but added that staying with him wasnt an easy choice. "It was a tough decision -- real tough," Kubiak said. "But I feel like its the best thing for our football team this weekend." Schaub has had a terrible three weeks. He has thrown six interceptions -- three of them returned for touchdowns -- and the Texans have dropped three straight. Kubiak said Monday that Schaub remained the starter, but added that he would evaluate the quarterback situation this week. After two days of deliberating, he decided to stick with the 10-year veteran. "A lot of thought went into it, a lot of evaluations and things going on, but I thought it was the best decision going into this game," Kubiak said. Schaub will have to direct the offence this week without tight end Owen Daniels, who was placed on the injured reserve/designated for return list with a broken fibula in his right leg and will be out eight weeks. Schaubs recent poor play has prompted vitriol and a call to bench him in favour of backup T.J. Yates from a segment of Texans fans. Some people have recently began driving by his home and taking photos, causing Schaub to call NFL security. He admitted to contacting security about the drive-by photos, but denied a report of a fan going to his door and shouting obscenities Tuesday night. Schaub said despite the incidents, hes happy at his home and has no plans to move to a gated community. He was troubled by the situation and acknowledged being worried about the safety of his wife and three young daughters. But said theres a simple solution to ending the harassment. "Its the world we live in," he said. "Theres passionate fans out there for better or worse and I understand that ... you hate for it to come to that because were better than that as a society and a community. But its the nature of what we do. The only thing that can correct that is going out and beating the St. Louis Rams this week." Kubiak has expressed concern that such a brutal stretch may have shaken his quarterbacks confidence. When asked about that, the 32-year-old Schaub denied any struggles in that area. "Not one bit," he said as he stood perfectly straight looking even taller than his already imposing 6-foot-5. "Im supremely confident in my abilities and what I can do on the football field. I just need to get back to being conscious of the details and being technically sound." Kubiak, a former quarterback, has talked often with Schaub this week, but knows that talking doesnt change anything. He has to see results on the field. "Youre OK when you start playing better and your team starts winning games," he said. "Thats when you get OK. I understand that. Im just trying to help him work through it. Im trying to do ... everything I can, from my perspective as a coach, to help a player work through something." Luke Willson Jersey .C. -- Gary Players upcoming ceremonial drive is the latest Masters honour in a career filled with them. Byron Maxwell Jersey . The Bobcats (2-2) trailed 35-23 early in the second quarter, but cut the lead to 42-40 at halftime. Charlotte outscored Cleveland 32-17 in the third quarter to go ahead 72-59 and pulled away.BERLIN -- Defending champion Bayern Munich kicked off the new German season with a 3-1 win over visiting Borussia Moenchengladbach in Pep Guardiolas first Bundesliga game on Friday. Arjen Robben opened the scoring with a deft flick from Frank Riberys sublime pass in the 12th minute, Mario Mandzukic pounced to make it 2-0 four minutes later, and David Alaba sealed the result with a penalty in the 69th, affter Dantes own goal had given his former teammates some hope in the 40th. Justin Britt Jersey. Bayerns penalty was the second awarded for handball against the unfortunate Alvaro Dominguez in as many minutes. Marc-Andre ter Stegen saved Thomas Muellers effort from the first spot kick, only for Tobias Welz to award another against Dominguez as he tried to clear the rebound. Alaba made no mistake. cheap jerseys cheap jerseys from china ' ' '
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 Subject :Re:Defending champion Bayern Munich.. 15-12-2016 05:47:53 
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