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Six affordable three-season sleeping-bags that'll protect you from chills and sticker shock.

What About A Motion Picture OF hands from everybody who'd just like a three-season sleeping bag for under $175? We are speaking something fundamental but well-built, an exciting-purpose sack that'll help you stay warm lower to twenty [levels] F, whether or not the fill will get wet. No fancy designs, no Himalayan-quality covering materials, no wallet-gouging extras. Don't be concerned, we will not skimp on fundamentals. You will get a bag that's flightweight, packable, how to choose sleeping bags and sturdy enough to outlive ten years of standard backcountry adventure.

Okay, I see hands waving--some through-hikers, a number of gear addicts, along with a gaggle of Scouts nodding together with five guys from the hiking club who'd prefer not to drop a week's purchase a sleepingbag.

If you are one of these simple folks, or simply a typical backpacker searching to balance your checkbook without having to sacrifice quality and luxury, continue reading. Early last spring, we sent five testers in to the field with six mummies that meet the requirements.

All six mummies feature synthetic fills, which makes them slightly heavier and bulkier than most comparably rated lower bags, but cheaper and much more versatile. (We could not look for a lower bag that met all criteria). Unlike lower, synthetic fill maintains its loft when wet and is constantly on the trap body heat, that makes it a better option if you would like one bag for those conditions.

Throughout the three-month test period, we camped in mountain, desert, and rainforest environments and experienced showers, snow, mugginess, and temperatures varying from 15 [levels] to 65 [levels] F. A number of us spent numerous nights in bivy sacks or under tarps to judge warmth and weather-worthiness. To understand which tester's sleeping profile matches your personal (we vary broadly in dimensions and metabolic process), see "Satisfy The Sleepers" on-page 90.

Generally, the crew remained toasty in the majority of the bags and applauded the general degree of detailing and workmanship. A number of us missed the amenities present in more costly bags four test sacks do not have draft collars, for example, and many have simple, square-cut footboxes and hoods. Still, we agreed these bags should satisfy basically probably the most hard-core, high-finish user.

We discovered that these bags feature more enjoyable cuts, when compared with high-finish mixers hug every single curve for optimum warmth and minimum bulk. Although the extra room helps make the bags a little harder to heat in subfreezing temperatures, we relished the elbow- and legroom on balmier nights and located we're able to give a layer or more of fleece once the shivers began. To find out what bags strike the very best balance between space, bulk, and heat, browse the reviews such as the following and make reference to the chart on-page 86. Both in places, the baggage are indexed by order of efficiency.

L.L. Bean Summit Mummy 20

This Polarguard 3D sack required top honors on the effectiveness of its superior warmth and fit. It stored testers warm well below its conservative temperature rating by swaddling them in additional insulation than you will find in certain feather beds. It "puffs up quicker than a scared grouse," in Paul's words, seals out cold air and moisture having a fat draft collar, featuring a condensation proof covering and also the most ergonomically contoured hood within the test. The finish result, within the words of cold-sleeping Annette, "The Summit stored me warmer than the usual  [levels] F lower bag I own."

The Summit's lengthy, spacious cut gave testers lots of space to roll around and set on extra layers of clothing. The actual contouring eliminated pockets of dead air that can result in cold spots on frigid nights. The sizing labored as well for the shortest (Elissa) and tallest (me) testers. Despite my 6'6" frame, I burrowed in to the lengthy version just like a marmot fleeing a grizzly, cinching the hood right into a small, tight blowhole throughout my nose and mouth without cramming my toes from the finish.

The switch side from the Summit's generous fill and fit is added bulk and weight. Annette noted that "the bag packs pretty small because of its warmth, however i could never completely stuff it into its sack, also it consumed a complete third of my 5,000-cubic-inch pack." Elissa offered a thing of counsel to minimalists preferring a far more streamlined bag: "There's an excessive amount of happening using the Summit's hood--draft collar, double hook-and-loop closures, double drawcords--to create this nay ideal light and simple three-season sack."

People that lose stuff sacks will such as the one that is included with the Summit it's stitched towards the feet from the bag. Individuals using their bag's stuff sack like a pillow situation, like all of our testers, may wish to work off.

Main point here: Strong in the most crucial areas--warmth, space, weatherproofing, and sturdiness--and weak in none, the Summit is great for hikers who would like a complete-featured mummy that may handle mild winter journeys.

Moonstoone HV/Zone 2

For any Polarguard HV bag, the Zone 2 packs remarkably small without having to sacrifice warmth or roominess. The bag's layered construction eliminates cold spots, which permitted Paul and mo to rest easily in the attic on several breezy 15 [levels] F nights. The cut, in Annette's words, is "ample although not baggy, with space to shill my lengthy legs and arms.Inch Opinion varied around the carefully-contoured hood, though. Annette and that i thought its snug fit partly paid for the lack of a draft collar, but Brandon, Paul, and Elissa thought it was claustrophobic and hard to cinch directly over mouth and nose.

The Zone 2 excelled within the loft, durability, and weatherproofing departments. Noted Paul, "That one explodes from the stuff sack--pool and it is all around the tent!--even if wet, which after throe washings." The miniripstop covering did not show a scratch once i pulled it around a rocky basecamp for 3 days. The covering repelled moisture effectively Paul and that i rested through light rain showers with no dampness reaching the skin we have.

Well-performed details also impressed the crow. The zipper runs so easily that venting is easy mine tidied to snag despite greater than 50 unzippings. The twin drawcord--a set cord that cinches the top hood along with a round cord to cinch the underside--enables you to adjust the bottom and top individually by feel.

Downsides? Regardless of the hood's snug fit, the majority of us observed warmth seeping past our shoulders due to there being no draft collar. Several testers also commented they battled to obtain the bag into its small stuff sack.

Main point here: The streamlined, weather-ready Zone 2 strikes an excellent balance between warmth, space, weight, and bulk. It is a workhorse for active backpackers that do not mind a comfortable hood without any draft collar.

Mountain Hardwear Trekker

The Trekker ran neck and neck using its Bean and Moonstone counterparts, delivering dependable warmth, excellent ventilation, and a straightforward, user-friendly design. Full of Polarguard HV, it stored Elissa "warm around the cold nights, dry around the wet nights, awesome around the hot nights, and comfy around the windy nights." A detailed cut helps make the Trekker simpler to warm up than its competition and offers what Elissa regarded as the right situation: "Room to squirm and stretch, forget about, believe it or not.Inch

From the bag's weatherproofing, Annette noted, "The covering sheds condensation just like a duck, along with a draft tube wide enough to pay for three zippers stored cold breezes away.Inch Such as the Moonstone, though, the Trekker forsakes a draft collar, presumably to chop weight and bulk. This clears clutter out of your face--an advantage on warm, muggy nights--but means that you must cinch the hood low on chilly nights. Even so we observed some heat loss, because the hood does not hug the ears and neck to avoid gaps that sneaky drafts like to exploit.

Testers applauded the Trekker's smooth zipper action, crediting the initial fleece zipper pads along with a big, clever slider that rarely snagged. Except for Annette, who noted some lack of loft following a second washing, the crew also gave the Trekker kudos for durability and construction quality.

Packability was our primary concern, although not the way in which you'd expect. The Trekker compresses well, nevertheless its stuff sack reaches least another too big and also the whole factor gobbles up cubic inches within your pack. You will want to swap it for any smaller sized sack.

Main point here: Although the Trekker's hood leaks heat a little, the bag is rugged, reliably warm, and simple to exit when nature calls. A great value at just $130, it is best for hikers preferring a competent, carefully contoured cut.

Kelty Cayenne 20

Annette talked about the dimensions lengthy Cayenne, which fit her thin but broadshouldered 6' frame to some T. She remained toasty throughout a snow storm full of Arizona's Coconino National Forest, reporting that "the draft tube and collar, coupled with a hood that cinched evenly throughout my mind, did a fantastic job keeping cold air out." She also credited the bag's breathability and simple venting (because of a lengthy zipper) for many enjoyable nights in warmer temperatures.

The crew agreed concerning the Cayenne's strong fair-weather performance, but a number of us were uncomfortable once the mercury dipped below freezing. Paul, Elissa, and that i attributed our chills to suit problems (the Cayenne was too wide for those three people, and also the size lengthy was several inches way too short for me personally), some insulation more in line with a 30 [levels] F bag, and cold spots in which the Polarguard 3D felt thin. The yoke collar also came mixed reviews. This U-formed flap wouldn't stay there for restless side sleepers like Paul and me, leading to drafts. It labored well for Elissa, though, who's a seem sleeper and dislikes drawcords round her face.

Tight stitching, materials that appear impervious to washing and rocky bivouacs, and careful detailing earned the Cayenne high durability scores. Everybody complimented the twin drawcord system, which helps you to individually tighten the bottom or top from the hood by touch.

Main point here: Despite its positive temperature rating and awkward sizing, the Cayenne features strong venting abilities and solid construction, causeing this to be bag great for hikers that aren't too tall and stay with moderate three-season conditions.

Its Northern Border Face Thunderhead

The Thunderhead may be the true minimalist of the group, a light-weight, no-frills bag that gives excellent warmth because of its weight and bulk. Stated Annette, "I possibly could stuff it sufficiently small to suit two sleeping-bags within my pack, however it still stored me warm well in to the mid-20s." Paul added praise for that lofting and warm-when-wet characteristics of tile Polarguard 31) fill, as well as for tile Thunderhead's venting: "Because of the lengthy zipper and breathable fabrics, managing temperatures would be a snap, even on damp spring nights."

Weatherproofing comments were an assorted bag. I discovered the covering repelled wind and intermittent sleet during two foul nights spent within tarp in Utah's Capitol Reef Park. But several testers reported cold spots in which the fill appeared thin where drafts permeated the zipper and hood. An ineffective draft tube with no draft collar take a minimum of 5 [levels] F off this bag's rating. Fit comments also varied, with many testers locating the Thunderhead spacious enough, but too baggy within the shoulders and hood.

Two minor annoyances popped tip within the ergonomics department. There is no zipper guard, which brought to several snags, but there's a flexible drawcord that desired to stretch when pulled, without cinching the hood. As the bag survived our testing without holes, rips, or unsuccessful seams, our gut instincts--according to materials, construction, and comparisons with other bags--made us question the lengthy-term reliability of this bag.

Main point here: Other sacks may do more for any couple of extra dollars, however the Thunderhead will satisfy most three-season hikers, especially warm-sleeping minimalists who would like a stripped-lower bag that stuffs small.

Slumberjack Super Packer 20

The Super Packer switched inside a solid performance in many groups. It compressed right into a reasonable-size bundle, provided ample elbow- and shoulder room (less within the legs, though), breathed easily, and venting just like a champion on warm, muggy nights. It's well built for any $100 bag, and really should most likely survive many years around the trail with good care.

This Quallofil bag did not live tip to the temperature rating, though, and it is covering exhibited marginal water-repellency. Brandon's experience wits typical: "There's less loft within this bag, and that i found my warm-sleeping bones getting chilled when temps neared freezing. One frosty night, heavy condensation from my bivy sack undergone the bag's covering, making me feel moist despite a layer of fleece." Annette i observed cold spots, usually within the footbox. We'd rate this bag at 30 [levels] to 35 [levels] and suggest that you stay with camping tents once the skies cloud up.

The Super Packer lacks a draft collar, however a small draft tube round the face opening stored drafts low. Other details: The stiff zipper guard limited snagging, however the zipper's small pull tab wits difficult to get and operate at nighttime. The spacious outdoors pocket let tls stow a notebook or headlamp, but Paul wanted it'd a zipper closure to help keep trinkets from scattering.

Main point here: If you are a financial budget-conscious walker who stays with warm-weather journeys and sleeps inside a tent, tile affordable Super Packer constitutes a fine summer time bag.

#3: Eat, drink, and pee.

To fuel your engine, eat big dinners, have a snack handy when varmints aren't an issue, and sip in your water bottle until bed time. When nature calls, don't lay there wishing the need goes away. The body wastes energy maintaining your items in your bladder at 98.6 [levels] F.

#4: Jump-start your heart.

Push-ups and lunges can get Old Faithful pumping bloodstream to individuals cold extremities. On frigid nights, try isometric exercises or static stretching from the comfort of the bag.

#5: Create a bed-warmer.

Consider using a warm water bottle, tightly sealed, covered with a fleece jacket or bottle cozy and thrown within the feet of the bag. One bottle lasts six to eight hrs.

#6: Enter gear.

Cram your legs within an internal frame pack or extra-large stuff sack to produce a small bivy sack. Throw any other clothes over your bag, or stuff them between you and also a chilly tent wall. In case your pad fails, improvise a pad with extra clothes and stuff sacks how to buy a sleeping bag for camping.

#7: Glean your act.

Frequent contributor Mike Lanza swears that washing away perspiration and altering into clean clothes makes him feel warmer.

--J. Dorn

RELATED ARTICLE: Satisfy The Sleepers

Paul Cleveland River guide, author 6', 170 lbs. hot sleeper Testing locales: North Cascades (Washington) Favorite bag: Its Northern Border Face

Jonathan Dorn BACKPACKER Equipment Editor 6'6", 225 lbs. cold sleeper Testing locales: Tetons (Wyoming), Utah, Colonial Favorite bag' Moonstone

Annette McGivney BACKPACKER Southwest Editor 6', 145 lbs. cold sleeper Testing locales: Bay Area Peaks, Grand Gorge, Sonoran Desert (Arizona) Favorite bag: L.L. Bean

Elissa Torres Ranger/naturalist, Olympic NP 5'3", 107 lbs. cold sleeper Testing locales: Olympic games, North Cascades (Washington) Favorite bag: Mountain Hardwear

Brandon Weathermon Backcountry ranger, Olympic NP 6', 180 lbs. warm sleeper Testing locales: Olympic games, North Cascades (Washington) Favorite bag: L.L. Bean3
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