Oberlin 6 Declare Trial a Victory! Print
After three days defending themselves against the charge of unlawful entry for locking down inside of the Sikorsky conference on April 2, 2001 to protest Plan Colombia, six Oberlin College students were found guilty and fined $75.  Laurel Paget-Seekins, Jackie Downing, Sarah Saunders, Sarah Bania-Dobyns, Kathleen Berrigan and Becky Johnson did an outstanding job defending themselves.   They were disappointed that the jury found them guilty, but were pleased by the awareness raised by their action and trial.  All 6 are thrilled to not be on probation so that they can continue their work for peace and justice!

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photos by Jorge Aros 

Photos by Sarah Bania-Dobyns's Mom
1. Saddened by guilty veridict  2. Sarah and her mother  3. Laurel's t-shirt  4. Laurel and Jackie