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Demand Justice for jose antonio elena rodriguez

Just this week, the US Department of Justice decided to abandon the prosecution of Swartz on charges of voluntary manslaughter. For more information, you can read the press release written by the Border Patrol Victims Network. Now more than ever, we must continue to stand on the side of justice and demand a retrial. To date, there has not been a fair trial and the US Border Patrol continues to commit violent crimes with complete impunity. It is clear that the justice system lacks the political will to adequately prosecute state agents for these crimes. We will continue to demand justice for Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez alongside his family who has valiantly led this struggle for the past six years.

Take action Friday, December 7!  Flood the phone lines and demand a retrial for Border Patrol Agent Lonnie Swartz!

In order of priority call:

  1. (602) 514-7500 ELIZABETH STRANGE, First Asst. U.S. Attorney for Arizona, US. DEPT. OF JUSTICE. They will try and get you to call Tucson but INSIST on leaving a message–also email your input to Ms. Strange via her assistant: Victoria.Vasquez@usdoj.gov and cc the prosecuting attorneys Wallace.Kleindienst@usdoj.gov and Mary.Sue.Feldmeier@usdoj.gov
  2. (520) 620-7300 TUCSON OFFICE U.S. DEPT. OF JUSTICE. Ask to speak with head of criminal division (despite two calls and 3 messages they have refused to tell us who this person is!)
  3. (520) 206-8787 USA VS. LONNIE SWARTZ, public comment line.

Sample script:

The Department of Justice must show up at the Dec. 13 status hearing to argue for a retrial of Border Patrol agent Lonnie Swartz for voluntary manslaughter in the death of Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez. The first two trials were inherently unfair: hearsay and recanted testimony were allowed as evidence, and there was no credible evidence Jose Antonio ever threw rocks. Jose Antonio’s character was assassinated in court while positive attributes of Jose Antonio were not allowed to be told (no criminal record, was studying to finish high school, wanted to be a soldier).

Accompany alejandra pablos to her political asylum hearing! 

During the vigil at Eloy, we heard moving testimony from Alejandra Pablos, an immigrant rights and reproductive justice activist and two-time detainee at Eloy Detention Center. She, alongside other immigrant rights activists throughout the US, is being targeted for her activism and for boldly denouncing systems of injustice and in defense of her community. 

Accompany Alejandra to  her political asylum hearing in Tucson on December 11. RSVP here. 
Even if you cannot attend, you can sign up to receive updates on her fight against deportation here, and share through your networks the message that immigrants belong here, affirming that they are not disposable, and that we will not tolerate the targeting of activists by our (in)justice system using the hashtag #KeepAleFree.

Alejandra has been added to a growing list of names of immigrant and human rights defenders in the US who are being targeted by ICE for deportation. Earlier this week, she, alongside other social justice activists in the US testified in a hearing before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Washington, DC about the pattern of criminalization of human rights defenders in the US. We must continue to stand in solidarity now by taking concrete actions all corners of the US, and not lose sight of the connections between the policies of displacement in countries of origin and the policies of criminalization, detention and deportation here in the US.  

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