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2008 Elections and the SOA/ WHINSEC PDF Print E-mail
Your Senators and Representative represent YOU and your views in Congress in Washington D.C. and they should be accountable for each and every one of the votes they cast.

The issue of closing the SOA/ WHINSEC, investigating the atrocities linked to graduates of the school, and prohibiting funding for the institution have a long history in the halls and floor of Congress. Numerous bills and votes on amendments have taken place and it is your right to know this information and use that knowledge to make decisions about how you are represented by your elected officials.

SOA Watch has prepared a 2008 Elections packet you can print by clicking on the links below. (the files are in adobe pdf format so please be patient!):

  • Cover
  • An introduction to bird-dogging elected officials
  • Tips on how to effectively bird-dog
  • Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame: Voting record of the House of Representatives in June of 2007 on the amendment to prohibit funding for the SOA/ WHINSEC
  • Opportunities to bird-dog and information on actions at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions
  • Back cover

    In June of 2007, a House of Representatives vote to prohibit funding for the SOA/ WHINSEC lost by a razor thin margin of only 6 votes. 6 votes! You have the power and opportunity to eliminate that small margin by holding your Representative accountable for their "no" vote. Make your voice heard and prepare for a district office meeting with your Representative, or organize a call-in day or direct action campaign in your community.

    All the tools you need to organize a bird-dogging or legislative campaign are in the elections packet mentioned above or listed on our Legislative Action Index. Join the SOA Watch Legislative Campaign and make history in 2008!

    For more information on the legislative campaign, contact the SOA Watch DC office at  (202) 234-3440

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