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Joan Anderson, SOA 11 PDF Print E-mail
Joan was sentenced on January 28, 2008, to serve 30 days in prison and pay a $500 fine. She reported to FDC SeaTac in Seattle on April 3. (back row, left to right): Ed, Stephen, Chris, Ozone, Gus, Art. (front row, left to right): Michelle, Joan, Diane, Le Anne

Joan was released on May 1, 2008.

"My name is Joan Anderson. I was born and raised in Wyoming. Being able to see the horizon in every direction is a gift I treasure. I love space and freedom.

My family consists of Tom, my husband, who is semi-retired, and three daughters. Tara is 31, Katie is 29, and Lisa is 28. We have lived and worked in the Middle East and have traveled the world. My family is my greatest support. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, playing golf and air hockey and writing on my blog. (peaceinretirement.blogspot.com)

I have been a public health nurse for forty years and recently retired. During those years I worked with farm workers in the Central Valley of California, tuberculosis patients in Houston, and elderly low income folks in Wyoming who have to decide whether to eat or buy their medications. Peace and justice have long been my companions. I have been politically active since college days. I am currently a precinct committee chairperson for my political party. I understand that if one has no power, you must work very hard to change the status quo.

I am active with Women in Black, CodePink, Pax Christi, and local peace groups. I am a 2007 Just Faith graduate and decided to cross the line during my second SOA protest. I am proud to stand with my ten other brothers and sisters in this nonviolent action of civil resistance in solidarity with the thousands of victims affected by the SOA/WHINSEC School. "It was the right thing for me to do."

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