Jack Nelson Pallmeyer's newest book looks at the SOA in light of the recent name change and places the present school's role in the context of issues such as U.S. foreign policy, Colombia, the IMF/World Bank, NAFTA, the FTAA, and the WTO. 155 pages, $15

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School of Assassins updates and expands the author's bestselling primer on the facts and controversy surrounding the U.S. Army's School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia. Although the school has tried to change its image through a new name and a sanitized curriculum, critics continue to call attention to its trail of suffering and death in every Latin American country where its graduates have returned.The murders of Archbishop Romero, the Jesuit martyrs, and the U.S. churchwomen slain in El Salvador-all can be directly linked to graduates of the SOA.

In this new and expanded edition, Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer reviews the case for closing the school and lays bare the case of its proponents. But he also shows how the school has functioned as an instrument of U.S. foreign policy in this hemisphere, and spells out the connections with globalization, third world debt, and the ongoing "war against the poor" in this hemisphere and around the world.

Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, who holds a master of divinity degree from Union Theological Seminary in New York, has lived in Central America on and off since 1982. He is author of Brave New World Order: Can We Pledge Allegiance? and The Politics of Compassion: Hunger.. The Arms Race... U.S. Policy in Central America.

2001. ISBN 1-57075-385-7, 155pp., Index. $15.00 paperback

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