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Blood of Martyrs, Seed of Resistance: Letter from Honduras PDF Print E-mail

A letter from Brigitte Gynther, SOA Watch Human Rights Accompanier in Honduras

"Far too many Hondurans have been killed, kidnapped, and beaten since the coup; and yet, human rights defenders, journalists, and community leaders continue to be killed and suffer persecution. Against this background, PROAH provides international accompaniment to human rights defenders at risk, with the aim of dissuading violence and informing the international community of the violations that do occur."

Continue to Brigitte's Letter and an Inivitation to Go to Honduras!
Hope: A Message To The Movement PDF Print E-mail
Theresa Cusimano
SOA Watch Prisoner of Conscience

Cusimano FamilyLast week I walked out of federal prison, flew home, and was greeted by my smiling parents at the airport gate. Unlike most other prisoners, I didn’t have to take a 14 hour Greyhound bus; or use my bright red, inmate ID card; nor wear my prison clothes en route. My privilege returned to me the moment of my release. Friends picked me up and drove me to the Westin hotel for a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream. Although it was July 11th and there was a heat wave burning through the country, I was still cold from my incarceration.
SOA Violence Against Protestors in Peru PDF Print E-mail

CongaBy Michael Baney

July 9, 2012

The unfortunate actions in Cajamarca well demonstrate that while Latin America as a whole has greatly changed since the end of the Cold War, human rights and democracy concerns still exist today. Peru has historically been one of the biggest senders of personnel to the School of the Americas, and in recent years the bulk of Peru's SOA students have been members of the National Police. While the American people have a right to know if the police involved in the deadly violence in Cajamarca were trained by SOA/WHINSEC, cross-checking the names of the students with those of the abusers is impossible, as the US Department of Defense refuses to release the names of WHINSEC students, citing "the historical stigma" that has been attached to graduates of the school. Of course, the stigma exists only because so many SOA/WHINSEC graduates have been involved in abuses, which is why SOA Watch will continue to fight get the names of the students released and have the school finally shut down.

WHINSEC Board of Visitors Meeting - June 27-28, 2012 PDF Print E-mail

On June 27 and 28, 2012, the news that Ecuador had pulled out of the SOA made shock waves in Columbus, Georgia. During those two days, SOA Watch activists – including Fellowship of Reconciliation’s John Lindsay-Poland, former SOA Watch Prisoner of Conscience Louis Wolf and members of SOA Watch-Columbus – spoke out at the SOA/WHINSEC Board of Visitors’ meeting.

The activists inquired about the transparency of the school that neither releases the names of the graduates and instructors, nor knows how to track them after they leave. Ecuador’s decision to leave the school left a cloud of doubt over the meeting.

Click here to read Lou Wolf's testimony.

Click here to read John Lindsay-Poland's comments to the Board of Visitors.

The Board of Visitors meets annually, supposedly to “oversee” what happens at the SOA/WHINSEC. However, it appears to be more of a rubber stamp board for PR purposes.

Send letters to the Ecuadoran embassy – as well as to those of Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia and Venezuela – supporting them for their just and courageous actions. The Americas are rising up!

Letter from Opelika Jail PDF Print E-mail

Prison solidarity!

Letter from jail, by Theresa Cusimano, SOA Watch prisoner of conscience

"As you may recall, I entered frustrated and disillusioned. This second time around certainly reminds me of my incredible privilege of being born into an upper middle class family. It reminds me why justice work is central to our existence. Sharing cannot be an option... it must be required if we are ever to pretened we are a merciful community of citizens."

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