Shut Down the Stewart Detention Center and Bring Home Pedro Print
Written by Becca Polk   
Wednesday, 01 December 2010 15:37

On Friday, Novemeber 19th, over 100 people gathered at Lumpkin Town Square, in Georgia, to connect the messages of militarization, immigration and detention as being part of a system of injustices surrounding US foreign and domestic polices. The messaging was loud and clear, "Shut Down the Stewart Detention Center and Bring Home Pedro."

The major focus was around the separation of families as a direct result of the private business, Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), making a profit off detaining immigrants without official status in the US. One case in particular was highlighted, of Pedro Guzman, who has been detainted for close to a year, leaving his wife Emily and four year old son Logan, devastated. But Emily commented later that "the rally gave us hope and restored some faith in human kind."  For more information on the Guzman's story please visit

In tradition with SOA Watch movement, 8 people, including Pedro's mother in-law, put their bodies on the line and crossed over the physical barrier of peaceful protests to the injustices surrounding the business of detention. "Crossing the arbitrary line drawn by CCA today was a necessary step to call our government to its highest ideals," remarks Anton Flores, one of the main organizers of this Stewart Detention Vigil and Rally. For the full press release, please visit

This emotional moment of witnessing  civil disobedience of those willing to sacrifice and denounce the injustices surrounding the Stewart Detention Center, was accompanied by "We Will Not Be Moved" playing in the background. It was a symbolic reminder of why we engage in civil disobedience, giving us strength from those that came before us, knowing that we are all connected and trapped within this system, and if one of us is locked up, we all are. 

Following the procession and vigil at the Stewart Detention Center, Emily Guzman got word that Pedro will have his bond hearing next week, with the hopes that the Board of Immigration Appeals will have made a favorable decision about Pedro's case. Our thoughts and prayers stay with the Guzmans, along with others trapped in this unjust immigration system. 

Sign the petition to bring Pedro home at and continue to follow Emily Guzman's blog at for updates.


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