Two Nuns Extradited to Decatur After Demo to Close the Renamed School of the Americas Print
Chicago, IL - Sr. Kathleen Desautels, a Sister of Providence and Sr. Mary Kay Flanigan, a Rochester Franciscan, both 65, were among 8 protesters arrested for refusing to leave Sen. Fitzgerald’s office on Wednesday, January 17. They had requested to have a meeting with the Senator or to hear from the Senator personally informing them of a meeting date. "We were there to talk about the renamed School of the Americas and the atrocities associated with that school," stated Sr. Dorothy Pagosa, one of those arrested.

When the police did background checks, warrants popped up for Sr. Kathleen and Sr. Mary Kay stemming from a nonviolent demonstration in solidarity with the locked out Staley workers in Decatur, Illinois back in 1995. The sisters had stood trial and were fined $200 each. Both Sisters informed the judge that they would not pay the fine and to let them know when to come back to deal with the consequences of the fine. "We had no idea that there were warrants out on us," said Sr. Kathleen. "We thought if they wanted us to go to jail for not paying the fine, they would just let us know this." On Thursday, January 18, the Sisters were informed that Decatur would be sending police up to take them down to Decatur.

In 1995, Srs. Kathleen and Mary Kay from the 8th Day Center for Justice in Chicago were invited to give workshops on nonviolent actions to locked-out Staley union workers. After these workshops were over, combining the philosophies of Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Dorothy Day and Jesus Christ. The Sisters joined the union workers as they sat in at the gate of Staley to prevent others from entering their site.

"The connections are obvious," stated Sr. Dorothy. "The School of the Americas trains Latin American soldiers to go after union organizers. We were protesting that. Srs. Kathleen and Mary Kay helped union organizers. Now Decatur is going after them."

There has been no word yet, as to what actions will face the Sisters once they reach Decatur.