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On the two year anniversary of the SOA-led coup against the democratically-elected government of Honduras:

1. The School of the Americas Watch would like to express to the people of Honduras, and the National Front for Popular Resistance (FNRP), our solidarity on this the second anniversary of the military coup led by Romeo Vasquez, a graduate of the School of the Americas.

2. The effects of the military coup remain in place and  self-proclaimed President Porfirio Lobo does not have the legitimacy to govern. We believe that the most legitimate thing to do it is to call a new Constitutional Convention as soon as possible and to have truly democratic elections in Honduras.

3. Despite the Cartagena agreements Lobo's government has not fulfilled some of its commitments and today Enrique Flores Lanza, former Minister of the Presidency of the Zelaya government is under house arrest. At the same time, on June 5, three villagers were killed in Bajo Aguan. This casts doubt about whether the current government will fulfill all the agreements, thus we call on the international community and its agencies to ensure full compliance of the solemn promises to the governments of Venezuela and Colombia, who acted as mediators.

4. Given the above, we believe that the reintegration of Honduras to the OAS is a premature decision given that there continue to be findings that show that  human rights violations still occur in this country. Furthermore, if those involved in the coup are not brought to court in order to answer for their acts, Honduras is again at risk of having its security and armed forces violate popular sovereignty and democracy. For example, it is not acceptable that the person primarily responsible for the coup, Romeo Vasquez, is now the General Manager of Hondutel as if nothing had happened.

5. To date Honduras has sent over 3500 troops to the SOA, and each year dozens of Honduran soldiers continue to attend military courses in the U.S.. We call for an end to this, because the School of the Americas remains the largest military base for the destabilization of democracy in Latin America, as noted years ago by the former president of Panama, Jorge Illueca.

6.Finally, we express our love for the organizations of the Resistance that have been an example of meaningful struggle for Honduras to live in freedom and to have a better future.

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