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Background Footage Available in DV Format PDF Print E-mail
Background footage (approx. 630 MB, TRT 2:50) is available for news outlets covering this November's convergence at Ft. Benning, Georgia. The contents of the video are described below. For moer information and a link to the large DV format video, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 202-234-3440.

To view the video content in smaller files (both require QuickTime 6 or later):

Download < 4 MB video here.

Download < 13 MB video here.

Download contents of video in PDF format here.

Contents of Video

Shots 1-8: November 2001 vigil to close the School of the Americas (SOA)

Last year marked the thirteenth annual gathering at the gates of Ft. Benning, Georgia. 10,000 people?veterans, religious clergy and laypeople, students, union organizers, anti-corporate globalization activists, and others?converged to protest U.S. foreign policy in Latin America represented by the SOA (renamed Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, WHINSEC).

The SOA/WHINSEC is a combat training school for Latin American soldiers. Its graduates are consistently involved in human rights atrocities. In 1996 the Pentagon was forced to release training manuals used at the school that advocated the use of torture, extortion and execution. In December 2000 Congress authorized the WHINSEC to replace the SOA. The renaming of the school was widely viewed as an attempt to diffuse public criticism and to disassociate the school from its reputation. The SOA Watch movement maintains that the underlying purpose of the school, to control the economic and political systems of Latin America by training and influencing Latin American militaries, remains the same.

Filmed by Eric Kanagy and Kate Schrock

Shot 9: School of the Americas sign

Film archive from the Center for Defense Information

Shots 10-12: Training of Latin American soldiers at SOA, Ft. Benning, Georgia.

Film archives from the Center for Defense Information

Shot 13: Massacre of the Jesuits

On the night of November 16, 1989, a Salvadoran Army patrol entered the University of Central America in San Salvador and massacred six Jesuit priests, their housekeeper and her daughter. Nineteen of the 26 officers cited for the massacre by a 1993 UN Truth Commission were trained at the SOA.

Every November since then, people have gathered at the gates of Ft. Benning, Georgia to call for the closure of the SOA.

Shots 14-15: Excavation of site of the El Mozote Massacre

In December 1981 the entire village of El Mozote was destroyed. Nearly 1,000 men, women and children were murdered by the Salvadoran military. Ten of the twelve officers cited for the massacre by a 1993 UN Truth Commission were trained at the SOA.

Film archives from Denial

Shots 16-17: Interview clips of Gail Taylor

Gail Taylor is the former legislative coordinator for SOA Watch.

Filmed by Eric Kanagy, 2002

Shots 18-19: Interview clips of Dr. Juan Ramagoza

In the summer of 2002, Dr. Juan Ramagoza was one of three plaintiffs who proved in US federal court that he was tortured by Salvadoran security forces, winning a suit against two SOA-affiliated Salvadoran generals. For more information, see July 23, 2003 news release or vist the Center for Justice and Accountabililty.

Note: the left audio track contains the Spanish audio, the right contains the English translation.

Filmed by Eric Kanagy, 2002


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