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Home News Organizing Updates The Time Is Now - A Call for Truth and Reconciliation
The Time Is Now - A Call for Truth and Reconciliation PDF Print E-mail
Written & Directed by
Kenneth Brady

?The Time is Now? is a very dark, very personal account of our (American) war crimes
...A powerful telling and it's a story that needs to be heard by many more people.?
- Carl Manaster, Daily Kos

"The film's unusual delivery is hypnotic and forces you to take note, regardless of your politics..
After viewing the film, I immediately went online. After you see it, so will you!?
- Steven Gregory, Clear Channel Radio Networks

Director Kenneth Brady is a bold man. On the one hand, he has taken the unusual risk of creating a critical documentary about recent U.S. political history without the exploitation of gory stock footage which has become a too-often used resource to inspire shock and awe amongst viewers and therefore simplify the task of capturing their attention. On the other, he takes on the challenge of exposing himself by connecting life-changing moments of his own life to recent dramatic historical events in which the U.S. government has played a significant role. In ?The Time Is Now?, the personal becomes political, and vice versa. The film follows a very similar formula of other one-person films such as Spalding Gray?s ?Swimming to Cambodia? and Anna Deavere Smith?s ?Twilight? but at times seems to play itself out more as an act of protest on film than a mere narration of thoughts and events.

The subjects in the film vary from the events of 9/11 of 2001 to the training of terrorists and assassins on U.S. soil in the School of The Americas (SOA), thus exposing the contradictions of the U.S. governments very much publicized ?War on Terror?. The film has adequately been described as having a ?hypnotic? effect on the viewer; the photography and lighting provide the film with a slightly dark but beautiful aesthetic and Brady?s voice and presence make one feel as though you are both in the same room. Like two old friends having a revealing conversation which could change both of your lives. The Time Is Now is not only an expose of the war crimes committed by the U.S. abroad and at home, but also a call to action, a proposition. Brady proposes that we, and the press release for the film says it best, ?bring about a change in US policy by outlining a plan for a U.S. Truth and Reconciliation Commission; which endeavors to work in coalition with organizations who promote justice, democracy and accountability for war crimes past and present.?

The Time Is Now is out now on DVD and can be ordered at:

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