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Martina Leforce is an adopted daughter of Kentucky, living in a tree house at the foot hills of the Appalachian Mountains.

Formerly a student at Berea College, she spends most of her time pontificating over the state of the world and just trying to keep it in perspective. The local is global, so keep it at home...personal accountability as a means of activism has proven to be the most positive means of keeping the energy happening. Friends keep her inspired and fresh, elders of the community help keep her grounded, and she works because she thinks people are worth it.

On Monday, January 29 - 2007, Martina Leforce was sentenced to 2 months in federal prison. She reported to Philadelphia's Federal Detention Center on April 17, 2007. She was released on June 14, 2007.

Future plans:
Liberation through sacrifice?
Where the road leads?

So often it seems as though there is no motivation for change, but that is just a lie in a schizophrenic nation in which the people's psychological relationship with the government seems ridden with continuous paternal manipulation. It isn't radical, it's just an observation.

Any action is better than inaction, it is all about the means to inspire people to act. SOA simply proves to be a tangible symbol of the general oppression of the system and when the connections are made, it is difficult to know where to begin working. It is a multi faceted issue, and it doesn't end simply with the closing of the SOA. But that seems like a good enough start.

The support of other people doing the work replenishes the spirit, it is good to be part of this movement, one directed towards the healing of an injured people.


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