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SOA Watch Update
September 1, 2004

By the end of Tuesday, August 31, over 350 people were arrested for participation in a march and die-in protesting military training at the SOA/WHINSEC(*) and the war and occupation in Iraq. Over 300 of the arrests were made within one block of the Ground Zero starting point of the peaceful march. Among those illegally arrested was SOA Watch?s Communications Coordinator, Christy Pardew. Despite the arrests, the protesters re-organized, arrived at the intended destination -- one block away from Madison Square Garden, the site of the convention -- and staged a die-in to portray the death and suffering caused by the invasion of Iraq and at the hands of SOA-trained soldiers.

As of September 1st, those arrested are still being held at a makeshift detention center, Pier 57 -- a three-story, block long ?holding pen,? formerly a bus repair depot -- with a 1,000 person capacity. In the last week and a half, over 1,700 protesters have been arrested.

SOA Watch worked in conjunction with the War Resisters League, the A31 Action Coalition and other organizations to plan a full day of nonviolent direct actions throughout New York City during the Republican National Convention (RNC). Nonviolent direct action has been a key element in publicly exposing the connections between training at the SOA/WHINSEC and human rights abuses across Latin America.

Read the SOA Watch Press Release.

Listen to today?s Democracy Now coverage of the day of protest that resulted in over 950 arrests, by tuning into your local radio broadcast time, or by downloading it from http://www.democracynow.org/. Click on ?Listen/Watch entire show.? The coverage includes an interview with SOA Watch Events and Outreach Coordinator, Eric LeCompte. The segment featuring the SOA Watch action begins at 13 minutes.

For a web stream video that includes footage of the die-in and an interview with Eric LeCompte, go to www.cbsnews.com and enter ?Making Themselves Heard? in the search box.

For more on law enforcement?s aggressive response to protestors, visit:


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