SOA Watch Takes the Government to Court Print
As you may know, since 2005, the US Government has refused to release the names of instructors and graduates of the SOA, and instead opted to further shroud this infamous school in secrecy. The movement has done great work educating Congress and the public about the atrocities of SOA - and we've put our bodies on the line, too! Now we're turning up the heat!

SOA Watch along with movement lawyers takes the government to court to demand transparency, and for full disclosure of the names of students and instructors at the SOA. This is one more step towards lifting the mask of democracy from US foreign policy. The suit was filed by activists who had previously filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for the names since 2005, which was denied earlier this year.

Read about the history of SOA/WHINSEC's secrecy here

With this legal action, we continue the struggle that our sisters and brothers from across the Americas have carried forth. Countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela and Uruguay have already pulled their troops out of the SOA/WHINSEC. This past November, activists from Chile and Colombia wrote letters to their presidents, demanding the withdrawal of troops from the school.

In November, Representative James McGovern has reintroduced HR 3368, the Military Training Review Act, which would suspend operations at SOA/WHINSEC and conduct an investigation into the human rights violations associated with the institution.

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