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Home News Organizing Updates Join Lisa Sullivan and Father Roy Bourgeois in Ecuador and Nicaragua on missions of citizen diplomacy
Join Lisa Sullivan and Father Roy Bourgeois in Ecuador and Nicaragua on missions of citizen diplomacy PDF Print E-mail

Bring a message directly to the doorsteps of Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa and Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega:


In 2008, Fr. Roy Bourgeois and Lisa Sullivan sat down with President Rafael Correa in Ecuador and President Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua and asked each of them directly if they would consider withdrawing their troops from the SOA. Both said they would consider the possibility, but asked for time.

Having heard nothing from them in these ensuing four years, we think that it's time to bring a reminder to their doorsteps. This time we hope to go in the company of other SOA Watch activists, such as you. Please consider joining us on one of these missions of citizen diplomacy, either in Ecuador from June 20-28 or Nicaragua from August 27 to September 5.

While we can never guarantee a meeting with a president, we have accumulated much experience in trying - and even succeeding, some eight times! We will also bring the issue of the SOA to the Ecuadorian and Nicaraguan public through media, visits to social movements, and other government officials. A significant portion of the visit will be spent in exploring the current realities in Ecuador and in Nicaragua, and listening to the people, with visits to urban and rural communities.

Some people are calling Ecuador the most “exciting and radical place on the planet”. The new Ecuadorian constitution acknowledges both human rights as well as the rights of nature. President Correa’s popularity rating hovers around 70%, perhaps reflecting the massive social spending from increased state revenues from oil resources. Other Ecuadorian voices, however, question whether an economic model based on extraction of natural resources respects the rights of nature and people. Join us from June 20-28 to look at both sides of this reality in Ecuador.

Nicaragua has undergone big changes since Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega was elected in 2007. Extreme poverty has been cut in half, education and health care are again free, thousands of land titles have been granted, and illiteracy is almost eliminated. These were all goals of the 1980s revolutionary government that were short-circuited by the US-backed contra war and the US-engineered electoral defeat of 1990. Still, persistent attacks against the Sandinista government continue from right-wing members of Congress and even in the progressive press. This delegation from August 27-September 5 will provide an unsurpassed opportunity to judge for yourself whether the Nicaraguan government has a “preferential option for the poor.”

According to our congressional supporters, one of the most effective strategies in of the movement has the withdrawal from SOA/WHINSEC of four countries: Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia and Venezuela. Help us bring that number to 5 or 6 so that other members of congress will support HR 3368 and close down the School of Assassins for once and all.

If you are INTERESTED in joining Fr. Roy Bourgeois and I one of these exciting trips of citizen diplomacy to
Ecuadoror Nicaragua, please write me for more information at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



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