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November 16-18, 2012 – Fort Benning, Georgia
All Out to Close the SOA and End Militarism! PRESENTE!
In the next two weeks, activists will raise their voices at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, to make it clear that we reject the bipartisan militarization of the Americas. We demand money for human needs and not military repression.

Whoever wins the White House seat, are you ready to mobilize and make clear that another Americas is possible?

Ten days after the November presidential elections, we will return to Fort Benning to set an agenda for peace and justice, and flex our grassroots muscles. Let's amplify the demand for an end to militarism and for the closure of the SOA/WHINSEC!

Join the National Conference Call, September 19!

On Wednesday, September 19 at 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific), we invite all organizers around the country to a national conference call (a separate conversation in Spanish will happen on Tuesday, September 25). This call will be to hear about planning happening for the Vigil, how you and your community can connect with working groups and spread the word!

You must RSVP to join the call. Please RSVP today!

Preliminary Vigil Schedule of Events

Wednesday and Thursday, Nov 14 and 15:
  • Kick off the weekend with MUSIC and CULTURE! SOA Watch Concert in Atlanta.

    Friday, Nov 16:
  • Rally to Close the Stewart Detention Center, starting 10am in Lumpkin, Georgia.
  • Workshops starting in the afternoon at the Columbus Convention Center.

    Saturday, Nov 17:
  • Energetic Rally at the Gates of Fort Benning from 11am-4pm.
  • Workshops, caucuses and concerts continue in the evening at the Convention Center.

    Sunday, Nov 18:
  • Veterans' march to the gates, 8am.
  • Solemn Funeral Procession with the names of the victims.

    Join the National Conference Call, September 19!

    Don't Wait! Reserve Your Hotel Rooms and Organize Your Ride!

    Click here to find a listing of hotels and motels in and around the Columbus area.

    We have just launched our Rideboard! Be the first to announce your caravan, or look for someone to give you a ride!

    Why We Mobilize

    Karina Macias, SOA Watch Los Angeles:
    "Globalization has placed the actions of United States in the fore front for our immediate action. We can't sit idle and watch as Latin America and our regions are militarized and stripped of their rights. This is the main reason that I mobilize for the SOA Vigil and am involved in the effort to close the SOA. It is the duty of citizens to stand up for our fellow brothers and sisters. Somos Una America!"

    Click here for more voices about why we mobilize to Fort Benning.

    Collateral Damage of a Drug War
    On May 11, 2009, four boat passengers were shot dead during a counternarcotics operation that involved Honduran and U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents.
    Although Honduran authorities announced that drug traffickers had been killed after agents had fired in self-defense, survivors of the incident, as well as local authorities, insisted that innocent people had been killed, including two women, a fourteen year-old boy and twenty-one year old man.

    In late July of 2012, analysts from Rights Action and CEPR visited the region where the shooting took place. This report summarizes and analyzes the extensive testimony and other information obtained during the visit. It presents detailed narratives of the sequence of events on May 11 and provides detailed background profiles on the boat passengers who were fired upon as well as on key witnesses.

    To download a copy of the report, click here.

    To watch a documentary about the DEA raid in Moskitia by Faultlines, click here.

    To join a delegation to Honduras in November, click here.

    School Out? Not Yet
    Saturday, August 11, The New York Times printed a front page article about the nun, Sister Megan Rice, age 82, who committed civil disobedience at the Oak Ridge Tennessee nuclear reservation in a protest against nuclear weapons.
    The article also informs us that she had been arrested in 1998 protesting at the School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia. [...] The Times then states: “The school has since been closed.”

    Click here to read the article about The NYT and the School of Assassins by Counterpunch.

    You can send a letter to the NYT Editor to set the record straight, and - even more importantly - engage in media outreach in the lead up to the November Vigil!