Collateral Damage of a Drug War Print

New report from Rights Action and CEPR
Collateral Damage of a Drug War

On May 11, 2009, four boat passengers were shot dead during a counternarcotics operation that involved Honduran and U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents.

Although Honduran authorities announced that drug traffickers had been killed after agents had fired in self-defense, survivors of the incident, as well as local authorities, insisted that innocent people had been killed, including two women, a fourteen year-old boy and twenty-one year old man.

In late July of 2012, analysts from Rights Action and CEPR visited the region where the shooting took place. This report summarizes and analyzes the extensive testimony and other information obtained during the visit. It presents detailed narratives of the sequence of events on May 11 and provides detailed background profiles on the boat passengers who were fired upon as well as on key witnesses.

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To watch a documentary about the DEA raid in Moskitia by Faultlines, click here.

Honduras Delegation
Travel to Honduras to see the effects of militarization, and then take action at the November Vigil!

Witness for Peace Northwest, Witness for Peace Upper Midwest, Witness for Peace Southeast, the Friendship Office of the Americas, and SOA Watch are sponsoring a delegation to Honduras, that will take a closer look at the role that U.S. militarization plays in that country.

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November 16-18, 2012 - Converge at the Gates of Fort Benning, Georgia
Take a Stand for Justice:
Commemorate the Martyrs and Celebrate the Resistance!

Stand in solidarity and mobilize your community for the November Vigil at the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia (November 16-18, 2012) to speak out for justice and against oppressive U.S. foreign policy. The vigil is taking place 10 days after the November elections and it is out chance to put anti-militarization and human rights on the agenda. Join your voice with thousands of human rights activists, torture survivors, anti-war veterans, students, families, union workers, and artists from across the Americas, at the largest grassroots anti-militarization mobilization in North America. Click here for more information.

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