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“La libertad es como la mañana. Hay quienes esperan dormidos a que llegue, pero hay quienes desvelan y caminan la noche para alcanzarla.” - Subcomandante Marcos, EZLN

Dear Friends,

My name is Arturo J. Viscarra, and I would like to saludarles/greet you as the new SOA Watch Advocacy Coordinator. The movement to close the SOA is extremely important to me. My family and I fled El Salvador during our country’s civil war in which countless atrocities were committed by SOA trained soldiers. But it is not just the moral obligation of the past which guides our movement; it is also the need to stop the current attacks on human rights and democracy perpetrated by SOA graduates, and to push back U.S. militarization.

La lucha sigue/The struggle continues in Latin America... and in Washington DC – Rep. Jim McGovern will introduce a bill to close and investigate the SOA/WHINSEC during the new Congressional term. In the last Congressional term, SOA Watch delivered a letter to President Obama in which 69 Members of Congress asked the president to issue an Executive Order to close the SOA. In November we met with then Deputy National Security Advisor Denis McDonough, who has just been named the new White House Chief of Staff.

We will continue to push McDonough, Obama, and our Members of Congress to recognize the imperative to close the SOA. Your continued support is indispensable in our efforts. Right now we have an opportunity to capitalize on the current sequestration talks in in order to reduce the bloated military budget and close the School of the Assassins!

Please order a set of the SOA Watch Advocacy Postcards petitioning for the SOA’s closure. The postcards are addressed to the White House, your two Senators, and your Representative. Click here to place your order.

I also look forward to meeting you in person in DC during our April Lobby Days from April 7-10. Your efforts in April will combine with those of our Latin American companer@s and we will make our voices heard regarding the atrocity that is the SOA.

Please contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to coordinate your lobby visits, or if you have any other questions or concerns regarding the April Lobby Days or our other advocacy efforts.

Sometimes the path to justice is long and arduous, but we are making progress. This was proved by the recent decision of Guatemala to prosecute the former dictator and SOA graduate José Efraín Ríos Montt for genocide.


P.S. Please make sure to visit the SOA Watch Legislative Action page for updates and action alerts:

P.P.S. There is still time to order a box of Presente, and to spread the word about the SOA and the movement against U.S. militarization. You can order your box of 75 or 150 copies here:

Arturo J. Viscarra
Advocacy Coordinator
SOA Watch