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SOA Watch is a member of the Latin America Solidarity Coalition (LASC). The US corporate press does a terrible job of covering Latin America - and when they do, it is usually from the bias of US government and corporate interests. One way you can educate yourself and keep current about issues of Latin America and the Caribbean is to subscribe to the LASC listserve. Subscribers post information about the many countries and issues of Latin America including issues of US militarism, Drug War, trade and economics, human rights and progressive struggles for social justice. Climate change, resource extraction, indigenous land and cultural rights, women, labor, corruption, and poverty reduction are also topics that appear on the listserve. Once in awhile a posting will generate a short, cordial discussion as well. LASC member groups are committed not to use the listserve for organizational fundraising. You can subscribe to receive all emails or a daily summary. Please considering the LASC listserve and becoming more informed starting today. You can subscribe at this link: or by visiting the LASC web page at and clicking on the subscribe button there.