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Home News Organizing Updates Educate yourself. Educate your community. Distribute the Spring 2013 issue of Presente!
Educate yourself. Educate your community. Distribute the Spring 2013 issue of Presente! PDF Print E-mail
"The media is absolutely essential to the functioning of a democracy. It's not our job to cozy up to power. We're supposed to be the check and balance on government." - Amy Goodman

My name is Dominique Diaddigo-Cash, and I have recently re-located to Washington, DC to commit a year of internship at SOA Watch. I am coming from Minneapolis, where I was involved with an ecological movement, protested alongside the American Indian Movement, and participated in a community dialogue centered around the African diaspora. I have been following the movement to close the School of Americas/WHINSEC since summer of 2009, when I discovered "Presente" in my search for comprehensive information about the coup d'etat in Honduras. Since then, I have led teach-ins, documentary screenings, and canvassed in my own community, ordering boxes of "Presente" every issue.

It has become clear to me that organizing within your own community is too powerful of a tool to be disregarded. People cannot join the struggle if they do not know that one exists, and it is up to us, the activists, those fighting with all our hearts to bring about a better world, to show them. Were it not for the people who took the initiative to campaign and distribute literature in my neighborhood, I would never have learned about the struggle to close the School of Americas.

There is so much going on all across the Americas that is driven by closed-door, unilateral decision-making which affects our lives on a deep and personal level, and those who operate the primary sources of media are compelled to defend these actions in the interests of big business and crisis-driven profiteers. While the military governments, and the policy agents and multinational corporations that they work for may have authority over the major media outlets, those of us with truth and integrity on our side realize that no one can hold a monopoly on truth, and that knowledge re-distribution is the first step toward a movement for justice. Be one of the many who amplify the voice of the silenced, and help to get the word out in your community this Spring. As we like to say in the 'hood, "Each one, teach one!"

If you would like to order a box, you can do so online at www.SOAW.org/order

You can also send a $27 check for a box with 150 copies of Presente (or a $19 check for 75 copies) to

SOA Watch
PO Box 4566
Washington, DC 20017

I am looking forward to hear from you.



Dominique Diaddigo-Cash
SOA Watch Organizing Intern
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