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SOA Watch T-Shirt Campaign

Get your limited edition t-shirt, and support the growth of the movement for justice and self determination in the Americas. 100% of profits will benefit campaigns against militarization, and for a more peaceful world. The sweatshop-free shirts are being hand printed by this donor with inks that are easy on the environment. The design by César Maxit shows Ingrid Carillo, holding a picture of her relative, who was forcibly disappeared by SOA-trained security forces. The image is based on a photo by Linda Panetta, taken at the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia. Order your shirt here: SOAW/org/tshirt
SOA Watch T-Shirt
The word ¡Presente! means "here" or "present" in Spanish. It is used at the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia, when we remember those who were martyred by state security forces. We pronounce their names and bring their spirits before us as we respond: ¡Presente! You are here with us, and you are not forgotten.

Take the message with you whereever you go, and support the important work for justice in the Americas. This will be a limited edition print run - order your shirt(s) now!

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Our goal is to sell 100 T-Shirts by Thursday, May 21