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We are Winning! PDF Print E-mail

Following the militarized police repression against the anti-police brutality protests in response to the August 9, 2014 police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, SOA Watch and other social justice organizations campaigned against the transfer of military equipment to local police departments.

In what amounts to a victory for the power of grassroots pressure, President Obama is going to announce today, that the federal government will no longer provide heavy military equipment like tanks and grenade launchers to local cops. Let's build on the momentum, and on the public support for demilitarization initiatives! Click here to tell Congress to take a stand and to pass the Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act

As a movement organization that is working towards justice and self-determination for all, SOA Watch's advocacy work supports reform measures that limit the ability of state security forces to impose their will on communities, be it in the United States or Latin America.

Let's keep the pressure on for the demilitarization of our world, our hemisphere, and our lives! DonateCan you make a generous donation now, to build on this victory and to help grow our ability to impact policy decisions? Together we can change the culture of violence and domination, and create a culture of justice and peace. Please support the work with a financial contribution

After 2 Years: Megan, Michael and Greg have been Released from Federal Prison

We are also celebrating the release of three of our friends from federal prison this weekend! Former SOA Watch Prisoners of Conscience Megan Rice and Michael Walli, and Greg Boertje-Obed were released on Saturday, after the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati last week overturned their 2013 sabotage convictions and ordered re-sentencing on their remaining conviction for injuring government property at the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge. Transform Now PlowsharesThe Transform Now Plowshares activists had already served 2 years in federal prison for their disarmament action at the Y12 Nuclear Weapons Complex in Oak Ridge, TN to protest plans for a new multibillion dollar nuclear bomb plant there. Megan was originally sentenced to nearly three years and Michael and Greg were each sentenced to just over five years. Welcome home Megan, Michael, and Greg: We are looking forward to continuing the struggle together with you on the outside!

Maria GuardadoRest in Power María Guardado

Amid these victories, we also have deep sadness in our hearts. Our compañera María Guardado passed away on Saturday. She was a fighter for justice and will be dearly missed.

María Guardado was a local activist who protested against the US-supported military regime in El Salvador during the ’70s and early ’80s that killed more than 80,000 civilians and kidnapped and tortured many others. On June 12, 1980, she was kidnapped, raped, and brutally tortured by graduates of the School of the Americas. In 1983, she was granted political asylum in the US, where she continued her activism, protesting the US government’s support of Salvadorian regime.

La Lucha Sigue! The Struggle Continues!


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