Next Issue of ¡Presente! - out soon Print
The Fall 2015 issue of Presente is going to print later this month. As usual, dedicated activists will use the paper to get the word out about the reality of US foreign policy, and to educate their communities. We need your help to distribute the paper far and wide (and we need to tell our union printer asap how much paper to order)!

Please order a box with 75 copies for $20, or a box with 150 copies for $28 (the money covers the cost of printing and shipping in the US).

The bilingual Fall 2015 issue of ¡Presente! is going to mobilize for the upcoming November Vigil at the gates of Fort Benning, but it will also include updates and articles from Mexico, Colombia, Honduras, and more. Spread the word!

As a grassroots movement without the backing of big foundations, the work of SOA Watch is being largely carried out and financed by volunteer activists and organizers across the Americas.

Click here to order your box of Presente now!

in solidarity,
SOA Watch