SOAW Mourns the Death of Charlie Liteky and Celebrates His Life and Contribution to the SOAW Movement Print mourns the death of Charlie Liteky, as well as his wife Judy Liteky five months earlier.  Both Charlie and Judy were instrumental in the SOA Watch Movement.  Charlie, a former Army Chaplain, made headlines when he returned the Medal of Honor he had received as an Army Chaplain during the Vietnam War in protest of the Reagan Administration's Contra war in Nicaragua in the 1980s.  Charlie and Roy Bourgeois, together with 7 others, held a 35 day water-only fast outside of the School of the Americas, helping to spark the SOAW Movement.  Following the fast, Charlie, Roy, and Charlie's brother Patrick, planted crosses with the photographs of the Jesuit priests assassinated in El Salvador, throwing their own blood on the walls of the SOA.  When sentenced to prison, they became the SOAW Movement's first prisoners of conscience, beginning a long tradition of civil disobedience.  Judy Liteky also played an important role in SOAW, as one of the filers of a lawsuit to try to force the Pentagon to release the names of the soldiers trained at the SOA-WHINSEC.  Charlie and Judy will be greatly missed and we are grateful to their contributions to the creation of the SOAW movement, the struggle to close the SOA and against US empire and wars around the world.  Read the National Catholic Reporter Article about Charlie here.

There will be a Celebration of the Life of Charlie Liteky on Saturday, March 4, 2017 at 2pm at the First Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco.  Click here for more information.