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Letter from Alice Gerard PDF Print E-mail
May 2004

Hi all,

It's Alice. I've been "decomputerified," so I've asked Shirley to post this note on my behalf. I want all of you to know that I am fine and that I've managed to adjust to my life here a Danbury FPC. As a writer, this has been an incredible experience. People have hold me so many stories. I simply can't get enough of it.

I spent my first night here in a cage in the SHU [Segregated Housing Unit] with Betsy. That's when I stopped being scared. We took turns exercising (due to lack of space) and we sang and read from the Bible together. It was such a good thing to share. Now, I share a room with five other women. I can sit on my bed early in the morning and watch the sun rise with beautiful shades of pinks, blues and oranges. I walk everyday for five, six, seven miles. I am becoming stronger and more limber, thanks to yoga and to the daily activity of climbing on and off of my upper bunk. I love to look at the colors of the hills off in the distance.

Always uppermost in my mind, though, is the reason that I'm here. I have no regrets, second thoughts, or doubts about my action last November. I am so fortunate to be able to talk about this, with Betsy and Sister Ardeth and with others. I try to remember all of the rest of the SOA45, both in my thoughts and my prayers. I also try to keep the victims of the SOA/WHISEC graduates in my thoughts and prayers.

Now that I have been here at Danbury for one month, I can honestly say that I am not afraid to repeat my actions in the event that the school is not closed and investigated through legislative action. I am determined to continue to write, to speak and to take action concerning that school and in-country training of troops to kill and repress their own people.

I'm hoping to go to El Salvador next year to be there for the twenty-fifth anniversary of the assassination of Archibishop Oscar Romero. I have no idea of how I'll afford this trip, but who knows? My future is wide open, and it could take me in any number of directions.

I'm helping students with their writing skills. I feel that people are able to empower themselves when they can express themselves, via the written or the spoken word. I hope that I'm able to share that with the students during my remaining two months here at Danbury. I earn twelve cents and hour (one cent for every five minutes!).

I am so greateful for all of the support I have been shown. That meant so much to me. I know that the first time is the hardest, and I know that I've been kind of high maintenance... so thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Bye bye for now,

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