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Monday August 30, 2004: SOA Watch has endorsed, is mobilizing for and will participate in the Still We Rise Coalition March and Rally and the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign March for our Lives.

Still We Rise March and Rally 12:00pm Meet at Union Square March to Madison Square Garden 2:00pm Rally at Madison Square Garden
This is a permitted march and rally. The Still We Rise Coalition is a coalition of New York City-based poor people's organizations working on issues ranging from HIV/AIDS to housing rights to healthcare.

Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign March is meeting at 4pm at the United Nations, 45th ST and 1st Ave. This is an unpermitted march and rally. The Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign, spearheaded by the Kensington Welfare Rights Union, is committed to uniting the poor across color lines as the leadership base for a broad movement to abolish poverty. Read their Call to the Peace Movement.

Joint Statement by the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign and School of the Americas Watch

Lee esta declaración en español

The war in Iraq and the attacks carried out by School of the Americas (SOA/WHINSEC) -trained militaries against popular movements in Latin America are part and parcel of the same system that deprives communities in the United States of basic human rights such as housing, food, healthcare, a living wage and education.

We, School of the Americas Watch and the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign, are mobilizing during the Republican National Convention to hold our government accountable. Our struggles are interconnected, and we organize in solidarity with each other.

We recognize that our government?s foreign policies are not bringing security to the world any more than their domestic and economic policies are bringing prosperity. Unjust and unwise social and economic policies within the US are directly linked to unjust and unwise policies abroad.

The gutting of social programs, the disappearance of poor people from the debates, the media and the job market, the training of soldiers at the School of the Americas/WHINSEC, and the war and occupation in Iraq are lines of attack used by the corporate and governmental elite to keep money flowing to the privileged few while the majority of the world?s people struggle for basic human rights and survival. We reject a government and administration built on greed, violence and repression.

We do not want training camps where soldiers are taught to target and assassinate their own people. We do not want political and economic policies that deny poor and working class people their basic human rights. We do not want to see communities here and abroad destroyed by poverty, police and military repression, AIDS, homelessness, and the dismantling of civil liberties and the social safety net.

We will march united in the advancement of human rights, dignity, civil liberties and social, racial and economic justice. We will continue to work to take our government?s domestic and foreign policy in a new direction?one based on freedom from military repression and the economic human rights to food, housing, healthcare, education and living wage jobs for all people everywhere.

We call on people of conscience to stand with us in the streets during the Republican National Convention:

Sunday, August 29th, 12pm: United for Peace and Justice March and Rally
Monday, August 30th, 4pm: Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign March for Our Lives
Tuesday, August 31st, 3pm: March from Ground Zero to Madison Square Garden and Nonviolent Civil Disobedience

Together, we bring thousands--across all walks of life--to demand and create a just world!

Contact us

SOA Watch
733 Euclid Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

phone: 202-234-3440
email: info@soaw.org