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Apr 24th
íPresente! Home
Summer 2007
Rufina Amaya, the sole survivor of the El Mozote massacr edied in March 2007 in El Salvador.cover of issue summer 06 Adriana Bartow, a survivor of Guatemalas civil war wrote the obituary "Rufina Amaya, Symbol of Grief, Courage and Hope. "

A feature article in this issue addresses the chilling impact that SOA training and U.S. military aid has on the situation in Colombia. Colombia currently sends the highest number of students to the SOA/WHINSEC and has the worst human rights records in the hemisphere. SOA graduates and instructors are consistently linked to paramilitary death squads and the worst human rights abuses. The article talks also about the invitation that the Colombian cover of issue summer 06human rights group Justicia y Paz issued to SOA Watch to join its Ethics Commission. SOA Watch gratefully accepted.

The article Shutting Down the SOA and Challenging Oppression explores the connection between the evils of U.S. foreign policy and how SOA Watch is susceptible to the same systems of oppression that dominate our society. When these systems take root in social movements like SOA Watch, they weaken our collective power and divide us. Conversations around these issues have taken part in may parts of the movement and this article was inluded in ¡Presente! to encourage more discussions and action.

¡Presente! advertised the new Spanish language web site SOAWLatina.org , which was created by Pablo Ruiz and features information about the Latin America Project and about the campaign to close the School of the Americas.

The collage of images of SOA Watch activists in front of the Capitol was created by Ted Stein.
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