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Jan 24th
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SOA Violence
The Americas have a brutal history of colonialism, slavery, war, racism and exploitation. 500 Years of RepressionFive hundred years ago, the colonial powers depended on the conquistadors for brutal military repression in order to exploit the wealth of Latin America. The conquest continues today as the region's highly profitable natural resources are extracted by multinational corporations with little or no benefit returning to the people. WHINSEC LogoAnd, as in the colonial era, indiscriminate military force is used to control the people of Latin America, forcing them from their land and attempting to stifle widespread opposition to injustice and exploitation. The purpose of the School of the Americas has always been to maintain U.S. hegemony over the Western Hemisphere, to keep it safe for economic exploitation disguised as “investment,” and to maintain white supremacy over non-white populations.
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SOA Grads Responsible For UCA Massacre Face Extradition, Military Officers Arrested in El Salvador 16351
Update from Honduras 21150
Former Guatemalan Dictator to Face Trial for Genocide 50293
Four Chilean SOA Grads Charged with 1973 Murder of Victor Jara 34602
Re-Militarization in El Salvador 47151
Grave Human Rights Violations Continue in Honduras 37449
Seven SOA Graduates Convicted in Peru 81244
CIA Paid Colombian Intelligence Agency to Spy on South American Embassies 15404
Military Coup in Honduras 51897
SOA Generals Charged in Colombia 22375
Army Commanders Fired for Killings 36268
SOA Graduate Cited in Parapolitica Scandal 17868
State Department Human Rights Reports 91288
SOA Graduates Implicated in Bombings 79304
SOA Shadow Army in Iraq 35258
Fighting the SOA and Public Amnesia 41498
WHINSEC Instructors and the Drug Mafia 82703
Militarization Rises 114829
SOA Instructor Plans Assassination Plot 114653
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