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Oct 22nd
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Watch and organize public screenings of documentaries about the SOA. You can order several films through the SOA Watch webpage. For more short films about the campaign, visit also Snowshoe Films.

El Salvador

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Item Title Hits
The Violence of Mexican Drug Cartels 2636
Voice of Art - Migration Is Beautiful, Pt. 3 1644
Voice of Art - Migration Is Beautiful, Pt. 2 2685
Voice of Art - Migration Is Beautiful, Pt.1 5331
Harvest of Empire 5576
Inside Story Americas - The School of the Americas: Class over? 1850
New DVD: Somos Una América 22871
Survivors, activists fight to end torture 7451
SOA Puppet Maker Action Unmasked 3145
Georgia Prisoners' Strike Solidarity - D.C. 2764
CIA behind failed Ecuador coup? 6354
Colombia: Protecting Space for Peace 2417
Colombia: Peasant Farmer Reserve Zone of the Cimitarra River Valley 4877
Colombia: Armed conflict in the land of gold 2746
Real Life Avatar 2730
Mass graves uncovered in Colombia 4412
Video: Clinton in Latin America 3206
Video: U.S. Colombia Bases Agreement 9182
Raw Footage: Devastation After Earthquake 6244
The US-Colombian Military Agreement 2966
No US Troops in Colombia 2864
Nothing Resolved in Honduras 9138
Victor Toro and Nieves Aires 7808
Fault Lines - 100 Days of Resistance 10927
Coup inciting revolution in Honduras? 5818
No More Broken Hearts 18344
Honduran resistance goes it alone 7397
SOA Grads Involved in Honduras Coup 7867
The War on Democracy 3349
Father Roy: Inside the School of Assassins 7419
VIDEO: The Past is Present in Latin America 3875
Costa Rica y la Escuela de las Américas 4634
Dan Rather Reports 3069
The War on Democracy 4767
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