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Feb 24th
  • Coup in Honduras  ( 23 items )
  • Reviews  ( 4 items )

    Hidden in Plain Sight Hidden in Plain Sight

    The film's title comes from Professor Chomsky's description of the program: while everyone is looking for the secret tools of American influence, its physical plant is there for everyone to see.

    On the Line

    On the Line

    A challenging new documentary has quickly become one of the widest-reaching films to encapsulate the history of the SOA Watch movement.


    Taxi to the Dark SideTaxi to the Dark Side

    An in-depth look at the torture practices of the United States in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo Bay, focusing on an innocent taxi driver in Afghanistan who was tortured and killed in 2002.

  • Local Organizing  ( 13 items )
  • SOA Watch in Latin America  ( 16 items )
  • Anti-Oppression  ( 8 items )
  • Survivors  ( 8 items )
  • The Americas  ( 28 items )
    The Americas have a strong legacy of resistance. From the Mapuche struggle for land and autonomy against the conquistadors to the successful fight against the water privatization in Cochabamba in Bolivia in 2000 - no decade has passed without seeing people coming together to fight subjugation.
  • SOA Violence  ( 19 items )
    The Americas have a brutal history of colonialism, slavery, war, racism and exploitation. 500 Years of RepressionFive hundred years ago, the colonial powers depended on the conquistadors for brutal military repression in order to exploit the wealth of Latin America. The conquest continues today as the region's highly profitable natural resources are extracted by multinational corporations with little or no benefit returning to the people. WHINSEC LogoAnd, as in the colonial era, indiscriminate military force is used to control the people of Latin America, forcing them from their land and attempting to stifle widespread opposition to injustice and exploitation. The purpose of the School of the Americas has always been to maintain U.S. hegemony over the Western Hemisphere, to keep it safe for economic exploitation disguised as “investment,” and to maintain white supremacy over non-white populations.
  • Legislation  ( 12 items )
  • Direct Action  ( 18 items )