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Mar 17th
¡Presente! Home arrow About Us arrow Artists arrow Adriana Portillo-Bartow
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Adriana Portillo-Bartow wrote Transforming Experience, printed in the Fall 2008 edition of ¡Presente!


Ms. Portillo-Bartow is a life-long advocate for human rights and a survivor of the war in Guatemala.

After Guatemalan security forces killed one of her brothers and disappeared six members of her family, among them her father, her 10 and 9 year old daughters, and her 18-month old sister, Adriana and her two surviving daughters fled their native country and arrived in the US in 1985. 

She has since worked hard to educate the US public about the human rights situation in her country, and the impact of political trauma and torture on the individual, community, and society in general. She has also worked hard to raise awareness of and educate about disappearances and the plight of their surviving relatives. She is the founder of the Guatemala-based Where Are The Children?, a non-profit organization working to find out the whereabouts of the thousands of children who disappeared during the war in Guatemala.

Adriana is the recipient of several human rights awards including the Amnesty International USA 1999 "Ginetta Sagan Award" for her work on behalf of women and children's rights, and the "2000 CIVICUS Recognition Award" as a Latin American Human Rights activist working on building civil society in post-war Guatemala.

Adriana Portillo-Bartow currently works with Logan Square Neighborhood Association as Director of the Elev8 Program.

"We must work together to balance the relationship between those most affected by the interventionist, immoral foreign policies of the US and others in the movement who are working as allies to change those policies."

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