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Apr 24th
Haik Hoisington PDF Print E-mail

Haik Hoisington is a Brooklyn based animator and illustrator who has created animations for music videos of the Coup, Eminem and others. He created the cover for the Summer 2006 issue of ¡Presente!.

His work can be seen on his web site blackmustache.com . You can reach him via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

"The United States is a conflict zone - a country at war.

Certainly now as it is openly engaged in military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan - it is zone engaged in conflict.

But also previous to September 11 2001 - the conflict being, for me, mainly a conflict between wealthy and poor in this country.

In a conflict zone - or at least in the United States - the media comes out very much on the side of the nation, or the side of power and wealth off of which they profit. I try to create alternative media that presents a counter perspective.

Often the inspiration for my animation comes from following this news and hearing something that disturbs me. I then try to take that issue and present it in my art in a way that I hope will show other people why I find it so disturbing. The media in America often glibly reports about what I consider to be awful things - militarism and policing. So I try to take their material very literally and present it in a way that I hopes conveys an alternative perspective. As of late a lot of this has been working with the absurd rhetoric coming out of the Bush Administration."                                                        - Haik Hoisington

The people of the Americas rise up to put an end to SOA terror.
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