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Feb 17th
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Stop the Racist Terror: State Sponsored Violence at Home and Abroad PDF Print E-mail
In our work to close the School of the Americas (SOA) and to change oppressive US foreign policy, SOA Watch recognizes the SOA as part of a tradition and system of white supremacy. The purpose of the School is to maintain US hegemony over the Western Hemisphere. It is also a tool to maintain white supremacy over the non-white populations of this hemisphere. Working for justice for the people of the Americas in a principled way means that we have to address white supremacy as one of the root causes of oppression.

SOA Watch started out in opposition to the School of the Americas and US militarization in Latin America, but has come to focus on the militarization of police, and the epidemic of police brutality within the US as well. The same racist mindset that promotes military solutions in Latin America, is at work when it comes to domestic policing.

Last year, US police officers killed 1,149 people, according to the research collaborative Mapping Police Violence. The likelihood that a black person killed by police will be unarmed is twice as high as for a white person killed by police.

SOA Watch has helped to organize encounters between people who lost loved ones to state violence in Latin America and the US, and works to unmask the history of systematic racist police violence against Black communities in the US. The militarization of local US police has turned communities into war zones, and civilians into “enemy forces.”

As a grassroots movement committed to justice and accountability, we must resist the “Drug War” and other excuses to clamp down on communities. Join us in pushing back. Representative Hank Johnson (D-GA) reintroduced a bill to demilitarize police. HR 1232 - the Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act - is one step towards resisting state sponsored violence at home.
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