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Mar 21st
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Ted Stein PDF Print E-mail
Ted SteinTed Stein is a software developer and photographer whose photos have been featured in many national magazines and TV shows, as well as in materials of a number of organizations in the social justice community. Ted has provided photographs for several issues of ¡Presente!, he did photo-editing work and created the cover of the Summer 2007 issue.

Through Inner File, a software development company that he founded, Ted has built a number of online tools for organizations such as the Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition, School of the Americas Watch, the Pension Rights Center, Greenpeace, and more.

Mr. Stein also developed the Center for Torture Accountability, a unique website designed to inform the public about the individuals who created and justified the Bush torture regime. The website focuses not just on high level torturers, such as John Yoo and Douglas Feith, but also on the mid-level bureaucrats and private individuals who justified it. Psychiatrists like James Mitchell , attorneys like Diane Beaver , Patrick Philbin , and Timothy Flanigan , as well as CIA warlords like Cofer Black .

Ted's photography can be seen on his web site resistancemedia.org
Solemn funeral procession
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Thanks for Center for Torture Accountability
written by Jerry Nelson, May 28, 2010
The Center for Torture Accountability is a clean and well-organized resource. Thank you, Ted Stein, for creating it. It does amaze me that my country crossed this line with little more than a shrug and a whimper. And yet, there is a legacy: with torture, the powerful who govern de-legitimize themselves. Where will the growing instability take us?
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