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Apr 24th
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Linda Panetta PDF Print E-mail
Linda Panetta has been active in the movement and taken photographs of SOA Watch activities since the early years of the campaign to close the School of the Americas. Linda has also extensively traveled through Latin America. Her photos have been widely published in books, magazines, and newspapers and have been aired on several networks. Her photos have been exhibited throughout the US, Canada and Europe. She also does extensive lecturing using her slides to educate others about the implications of US foreign policy and the realities of war. Linda's photos are regulary printed in ¡Presente!. The images that were used for the banner of this webpage were also taken by Linda.
"My photos are not my own; they are a representation of the oneness of us all. I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to be an active participant in the lives of those who cry out for justice and struggle for peace and the restoration of hope; and I am grateful to be able to share this work with others."
- Linda Panetta
protest in Argentina
Optical Realities is an organization that uses photojournalism and educational outreach to raise public awareness about world events, cultures, and the environment. We seek to use our first-hand knowledge and experiences in impoverished and war-torn areas of the world to advocate for economic and social justice.

Through photo exhibits and presentations, we challenge and address conventional "First World" stereotypes at all levels in an attempt to dissolve prejudices and hostile feelings that often stem from misinformation or a lack of knowledge. We encourage participation in a variety of projects, including our "micro projects," which seek to nurture growth in understanding and compassion towards a variety of human rights issues, as well as provide economic and social empowerment to communities around the world.

* A majority of the proceeds from the sale of photos displayed at exhibits or purchased online help to fund our ongoing educational campaigns and outreach to communities affected by war, internal conflict, and ecological devastation. And as part of our mission, every attempt is made to send back copies of photos to the individuals and communities shown throughout our website.

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The "Panetta Controversy"
written by The "Panetta Controversy", February 05, 2009
Completely embarrassing itself, the right-wing blogsphere pandered in January 2009 the false information that Linda Panetta is the daughter of Leon Panetta, the newly appointed head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

As the made-up story started spreading, other right-wing blogs saw themselves forced to print retractions to avert the increasing discreditation of right-wing "journalism" on the internet:

e.g. "Accuracy in Media" writes about their fellow bloggers: "In a frantic search for the obscure and hidden left-wing connections of members of the new Obama Administration, some leading conservative blogs and websites have made an embarrassing error by claiming without evidence that Leon Panetta, the former Clinton chief of staff and incoming CIA director, has a radical daughter named Linda who associates with Hugo Chavez and other Latin American revolutionaries."
Read the full AIM blog post here: Conservative blogs duped in Panetta Controversy
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userful article
written by discount Ferrari jewellery, December 14, 2010
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