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Apr 27th
íPresente! Home arrow About Us arrow Videos arrow Documentaries and other clips arrow Video: U.S. Colombia Bases Agreement
Video: U.S. Colombia Bases Agreement PDF Print E-mail
Click here to read the article Seven Bases by Diane Lefer and Hector Aristizábal, in which they take a look at the history of each of these bases as well as conditions in the surrounding communities and Colombia as a whole.
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Our not choice
written by jhon Pineros, September 09, 2010
I see that you guys try to show this reallity of Colombia, I see that already there are eyes from differents countries looking to my country problems.
I was not clear from which point of view you try to show this conflic. Im 40 years old, since I born I couldnt see my country people living in harmony. There are many problems that our society has to face. Guerrilla and Narcotrafic are the main strugle for us. After so many years of war and cartels dominations, we know that even thought we have to pay a high price in order to stop those deseaces from our country , we have to do it. Guerrilla was a group that was supost to fight for Colombian people rights and now we realice that they are a band of criminals that has been creating so much pain to our society. We want to see Colombia without those two deseas no matter the price. More over it is important that international comunnity understand that, because guerrilla criminal acts during so many years, we do not want to have a relationship with any thing call Hugo Chavez or left ideologys. After president Uribe, we are gratefull with him, because his strong desition to eliminated guerrilla and narcotrafic. There are many people sufering for some desitions that Uribe had to take a that time, there are people sufering because the bad use of power of some military corruted elements, this is not the best way to do things but at last we improve live for Colombians . We saw that those problems are getting less and many other problems coming up, but more easy to control than Guerrilla and narcotrafic.
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written by pluap, February 22, 2011
Thanks jhon Pineros, for your comment. I think it really gave me a different view on Colombia and all the problems in the country. Befero, when I read in articles that Uribe had approval rates of p or more I always couldn't understand it and thought it was cause of fraud. I only heart so many bad things about him. But after reading your comment I can see both sides, and , as you say, of course there are all these problems that came with his policies, but he also somehow managed to nearly solve the guerilla problem and as you said get a hand on the narcotrafic problem (I didn't read too much about that, but it is true that the powerful cartels disappeard from Colombia and made room for the Mexican cartels, though Colombia is still the largest cocaine producer). And these problems seem to have had a priority for most Colombians (though there is still the horrible situation the Afro descendant communities have to live in, but thety probably don"t have enough votes to be recognized in the polls)
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