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Apr 23rd
Hendrik Voss PDF Print E-mail


Hendrik wrote "Blacked Out: SOA/WHINSEC Refuses to Comply with Freedom of Information Act," which appeared in the Spring 2007 issue of Presente, and "School of the Americas Survives Vote, Institution on Life Support" with Legislative Coordinator Pam Bowman, which appeared in the Fall 2007 issue. He also serves as Presente's editor and SOA Watch's Communications Coordinator.

Hendrik and his partner, Gail Taylor, spent seven months living in Guatemala and working with Puente de Paz, a mental health and human rights group that works with survivors of political and domestic violence. Puente de Paz works to empower women in indigenous communities as they reweave the social fabric torn apart during Guatemala's 36-year internal armed conflict.

The two then moved to Hendrik's native Germany, where they lived for seven months and were involved in the Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants, a network of individuals, groups and organizations of refugees, migrants and Germans based on anti-imperialism and antiracism.






Hendrik Voss
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