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May 20th
¡Presente! Home arrow Karen Kerney
Karen Kerney PDF Print E-mail
A tree whose branches and roots are touching each other, with the words you can jail the resister but you can't jail the resistance
Karen Kerney, the art director of the Syracuse Cultural Workers, created the image of the Tree of Life. The image has been used on bandanas and T-shirts of the SOA Abolitionists as well as in ¡Presente! to illustrate articles about the Prisoners of Conscience who have been incarcerated for their nonviolent resistance actions against the School of the America.
Syracuse Cultural Workers (SCW) is an educational and cultural organization founded in 1982. Our mission is to help sustain a culture that honors diversity and celebrates community; that inspires and nurtures justice, equality and freedom; that respects our fragile Earth and all its beings; that encourages and supports all forms of creative expression.

We see cultural work as an essential part of and support for political and economic change. Many of our materials celebrate movements for social change and their leaders, thus helping to legitimize history that is largely ignored or trivialized by commercial media and school textbooks. SCW also helps to unite socially concerned artists with a growing audience hungry for meaningful artwork
You can see Karen Karney's art on the web site syrculturalworkers.com
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written by colleen kattau, January 12, 2009
Karen's artwork feeds the soul and graces us strongly and beautifully with unforgettable images. Me fascina!!!
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