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Apr 19th
César Maxit PDF Print E-mail
César Maxit is the creator of the logo with the stalk of corn growing out of the army helmet. The design was inspired by a direct action against the SOA that César took part in in 2002.
Close the SOA - corn growing out of helmet, by César Maxit
The action included the planting of corn on the grounds of the Fort Benning military base. César has provided countless hours of graphic design work for the production of various issues of ¡Presente! The image below was used to illustrate an article about the FBI surveillance against SOA Watch that was revealed through a Freedom of Information Act request in 2006.
César created the covers of the Spring 2007, the Spring 2008, and the Summer 2010 issues of Presente as well as the poster with the image of Ingrid Carillo, holding a picture of one of her disappeared relatives at the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia.
César Maxit
"i'm a visual artist, architect, community organizer, nonviolence trainer and a street artist. when i’m not designing architectural creations, i have volunteered my graphic and web design work to many local and national nonprofits working on human rights and environmental issues.  you can catch me skateboarding down to the street soccer court in central d.c. or composting and harvesting at our community vegetable garden. i also work for several nonviolence training collectives facilitating workshops on political street art, campaign building, industrial climbing, and nonviolent direct action.
i was born in the pampas of southern patagonia, argentina in march of 1976, a day before the military coup that "disappeared" over 30,000 argentine students, organizers, journalists, professors, and artists.  my father was offered a transfer to houston, tx in 1982 which he accepted in part so our family could escape the military government's ongoing domestic terrorism.  i spent 4 years in college station, tx studying architecture at texas a&m, a former military training university.  i lived several years in san antonio and dallas which are entrenched with military bases and weapons manufacturers respectively.  now i live in washington, d.c. just a few miles from the pentagon."
- César Maxit
 Ingrid Carillo, holding a picture of one of her disappeared relatives at the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia. Poster by Cesar Maxit
César Maxit created this powerful poster of Ingrid Carillo, who is holding a picture of her disappeared relative Alma Argentina at the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia. The poster is based on a photograph by Linda Panetta.
Ingrid is the daughter of Adriana Bartow-Portillo .
FBI Agent, illustration by Cesar Maxit

 Poster by César Maxit: The SOA will be Shut Down - it is we who will do it:
poster by César Maxit
Presente cover designs by César Maxit:

Spring 2007 Presente cover design by César MaxitSpring 2008 Presente cover design by César MaxitSummer 2010 Presente cover design by César Maxit
César Maxit talks in this video about the Mothers of the Disaapeared from the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires, Argentina:

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ART>MONEY: Design to Define a Movement
written by Lila, October 03, 2012
Hi César,

We are running a nationwide art contest called ART>MONEY: Design to Define a Movement and we think that your work might be perfect. It is an effort to confront the issue of big money's corrupting influence on politics through art. The contest is currently live and accepting submissions until October 11th. We would love for you to participate. There is an opportunity to win a $3,000 prize and have your art evaluated by a jury including Shepard Fairey and others. Please let me know if you would be willing to submit a piece for the contest or if there is anyone else whom you think would be a good fit for this contest.

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