The production and distribution of ¡Presente! is a grassroots effort that is being financed by the people who are active in the movement to close the SOA.
We need your support to pay for the printing and to increase the distribution of ¡Presente!, the newspaper of the movement to close the SOA. 
By giving a generous donation today, you will enable us to send bulk orders of the paper to Latino community centers, low-income grassroots organizers and to people who have access to an interested audience but can't afford to cover the cost of printing and shipping.
With a $15 donation, you could get additional copies of the paper into the hands of over 100 people. 
If you can help to amplify the reach of ¡Presente!, please send a check or money order made out to "SOA Watch" to:

iPRESENTE! Activist Distributor Network
SOA Watch

5525 Illinois Ave NW
Washington, DC 20017
You can also donate online or by calling the SOA Watch office in DC at 202-234-3440 with your credit card. information.

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thank you --
written by Robert Kolbe, March 04, 2011
I hope to donate in the future.
My former pastor, Louie Vitale is a prisoner of conscience.
I look forward to receiving the publication.

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Seeking Information About Colombia Bases.
written by Bonnie McFadden, April 20, 2011
I'm a retired attorney from Maui, Hawaii, activist with the Maui Peace Action group there. I've been living and teaching English in Merida, Venezuela for the last four years. Living within five hours of the Colombia-Venezuela border, I am very concerned about events in Colombia, especially the prospect of more U.S. bases there. Wondering if my proximity to Colombia could be helpful to your Colombia projects.

Aloha y saludos,

Bonnie McFadden
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Director of the Mayan Esteem Project
written by Eric Samson, August 09, 2012
I ordered iPRESENTE! for my students last year and found that people are hungry for information about the mechanisms of their government's meddling in other countries' affairs. My teaching contract expired so I'm unemployed but will donate when I can.
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