CIA Paid Colombian Intelligence Agency to Spy on South American Embassies
Written by Susana Pimiento, Fellowship of Reconciliation   
On May 4, 2010 the Colombian Senate held a special hearing on the illegal activities of the Colombian intelligence Agency (DAS).

DAS spyingSuch activities have included not only illegal surveillance, but a series of acts that amount to State terrorism, such as death threats, kidnappings, harassment of children, blackmailing and framing of Supreme Court Justices, opposition leaders, journalists and human rights defenders. DAS even created a manual for how to threaten the children of their targets. 

At the hearing opposition senator Gustavo Petro unveiled the alleged role of United States in one of these operations, citing official documents. Under the code name “Operacion Bahía” (Bay Operation), an illegal operation in 2007 and 2008 was directed not by the Colombian intelligence agency, but by the US. The operation targeted diplomatic representatives from Colombian neighbors from “all the Latin American left,” including Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Cuba. Similar operations were undertaken under the code names “Salomon”, “Fenix” and “Condor.” 

The episode is likely to have an impact on stability in South America. It clearly shows Colombian willingness to act as trampoline from which Washington launches illegal surveillance activities. How then can either government be trusted when they claim that the US-Colombia military base agreement is not going to be used against Colombia’s neighbors?

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