Former Guatemalan Dictator to Face Trial for Genocide
Written by Nick Alexandrov   
On Monday, January 28, 2013, a Guatemalan judge announced that former dictator and SOA graduate Efraín Ríos Montt must stand trial on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity. During his 14 months in office, “an estimated 70,000 unarmed civilians were killed or disappeared; hundreds of thousands were internally displaced,” Amnesty International reports. ImageSOA graduates formed the backbone of the presidential cabinets under the dictatorships of both Montt and his predecessor, Romeo Lucas García. They were also deeply involved in the Guatemalan Intelligence Agency (D-2), in the formation of the notorious civil defense patrols, and in planning and executing “Operation Sofia,” which wiped out some 600 Mayan villages, part of a broader campaign “of genocide against groups of Mayan people,” the 1999 UN-backed truth commission concluded. Montt is the first ex-president to be charged with genocide by a Latin American court.
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